More Friendly Clubs

 The Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo in 2020, about 4 years from now.

 The Japanese authorities always get tougher on the adult business just before and during local international events. The sex club that one of my acquaintances, who is known to do only legal or white things, manages has been suffering from a suspension of two months at the moment. There are more and more cases where trivial reasons cause shutdown which were impossible until months ago.

 On the other hand, another atmosphere is booming: “Let’s accept more customers from overseas.”

morefirendlyclubs Unfortunately, Japan’s sex establishments still tend to decline foreign people. However, those that are willing to take them have been rising in number recently, because of the Tokyo Olympic and of a dramatic increase in the number of tourists from abroad. They have almost doubled compared to about six years ago and are predicted to grow. I think it’s quite natural to see it as an opportunity.

 I talked with people of ad agencies specializing in the sex industry about things including my website, ending up catching more attention than I imagined. They asked me to introduce sex clubs that are friendly to non-Japanese customers.

 I made an online list of such clubs on my own and have been selling it. I’m thinking of quitting it soon, since the information is getting older. Instead, I’m going to introduce those accept foreign customers at anytime now on this site.

 I made “Foreigner-Friendly Club List” in the menu. I will add items to the list little by little down the line.

 Also, Japan’s sex clubs often hold events like discounts or amusements. Some do every month. It’s rare for the information to be spread in English. I think it would be interesting to write posts about such topics.

 I feel it might be interesting to make my website a place to find information which can be found nowhere else.

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