My Experience With A Pornstar

 I used to like a porn star, whose first name was Aki. I had some DVDs of her.

 She retired years ago and works for a soapland today. I got the information about one year ago. Soaplands come with full sex at the rate of 100 percent.

 You can meet a porn star you used to love, in person? On top of that, you can go all the way with her?

 What would you do?

 I decided to go and meet her.

1 Because she had been a famous and popular actress, it took an additional fee to get her service. Still, I thought it was worth it.

 I called the soapland on the day when I learned that she worked there, probably on Tuesday. She’d been already booked up. She would show up on the next Thursday, so I made a reservation for a 120-minute session, the longest there.

 On Thursday, when I waited at the rendezvous point of the nearest station, a man in a suit who seemed to be in his late 40’s talked to me. He was one of the staff members. He led me to a courtesy car, in which there was another man. Maybe he was a customer. I had no conversation with him.

 It took us around 15 minutes to arrive. Just two or three minutes after paying the fee, my name was called in the waiting room.

 Aki was standing at the bottom of the stairs. She actually was there. She wasn’t as young as her movies, but that’s what I predicted. She was shorter than I thought. Her voice sounded a lot younger. She was wearing a one-piece dress, and her underwear was showing through. I got excited and nervous at the same time.

 We entered one of the private rooms. Immediately afterwards, she knelt down in front of me. She spoke to me with a big smile.

She undressed me gently and carefully into just a towel around my waist. Then, she undressed herself.

 She asked me to lie down on the bed, because she was going to let me in by way of greeting. She said she did so just for those who chose the 120-minute session. She gave me some blow-job, put a condom on mine, and inserted it in a posture of cowgirl like she did on porn movies.

 It’s just porn videos. It might not be a big deal. Still, that made me really excited.

 Minutes passed, and she led me to the bathroom space. I sat down on a chair. She washed me voluptuously using aromatic oil, liquid body wash and her entire body. I had already experienced soaplands many times, but how she did was different.

 In the bathtub, she did what’s called “periscope” in Japan’s sex business for me. I won’t describe how it went. Please imagine.

As for mat play, one of the main features of soapland service, she was different. I’d never gone through what she did for me. At the end, she let me in again, saying “we’ll be in bed soon, so please don’t cum yet.”

 After getting out of the bathtub, she wiped my body carefully. Once in bed, she told me, “as you like.” I felt like I became a porn actor.

 It took me pretty much for a 2-hour pleasure, but I think it was worth it.

 There are several other porn actresses who work at other sex establishments. I’m going to meet them as well in the near future.

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