My First Sex Travel

 My first sex travel occurred when I was 21 years old.

 I’m embarrassed to say this, but I was still virgin. It makes no sense to put on a brave front. I’ll be honest here.

 In elementary school, I preferred reading books in a library to running around a playground. I don’t consider myself as gloomy, and I think I’m on the calm side.

 People often tell me it was difficult to talk to me until they knew me well. I don’t hate humans. Rather, I like humans. I like listening to them.

 At the same time, I’m not a kind of guy who aggressively talk to people I don’t know. I have never hit on girls on the street. I don’t even intend to. I was too embarrassing to ask my friends to introduce someone.

 I think this character was one of the reasons why I hadn’t had a girlfriend at the age of 21.

 Looking back, my sex drive back then was uncontrollable. It was far stronger than what it is now. I don’t know about others. How about you?

 Pornography or adult movies had already become widespread in Japan. The Internet was not available, so they were offered in the form of VHS videos.

 The nearest downtown had some video rental shops. I would often frequent them to rent adult pieces.

 What did I do with the movies? It’s obvious. Masturbation. I did solo sex almost every day.

 I lived in my home town at the time. It’s in a rural area. It’s located deep in the mountains with 17 households. It’s well known for heavy snow. In winter, until a plow truck arrives in the morning, snow locks up the whole village.

 It takes 20 minutes to walk to the nearest bus stop. The buses run only five or six times a day to the station. Without a car, it’s almost as if you have no legs.

 Sex establishments cannot do business in such a place. If one had existed, I would have visited there earlier.

 When I turned 21, I thought my sexual frustration went beyond endurance. My virginity also urged me to take action.

 I decided to go to a sex club nearby. I already had a used car. I had legs.

 I had to travel one hour and a half along an expressway to the closest one. It took as much as three hours to get there and come back.

 It was a soapland. I knew what it was and how it worked. Most Japanese men do.

 It’s one of the standard genres in adult movies. There are many cases of businesses operating both soaplands and pornography productions. Many soap masseuses make a debut as porn stars.

 Wet and bright skin aroused me. I strongly wished to experience the service.

 I arrived near the destination and parked my car at a parking lot. It was a few minutes’ walk from a strip dense with several soaplands.

 Suddenly, hesitation got to me. Is it a good thing to buy women? Maybe I should stop or go ahead?

 Plus, I suddenly felt like people around me was watching and accusing me. They must have known what the strip was about. If they had caught a young man walking there, they surely would have known what he was going to do.

 I strolled around the area for roughly 30 minutes.

 It meant nothing to keep doing so. I mustered up enough courage to storm into the strip. It was around noon. There were nobody else but me.

 I was a bit relieved. I took several steps, and a man suddenly talked to me. He was standing in front of a soapland. “You’re here to have fun? Come in now.”

 I told him, “I’m just passing by. Thank you,” and walked away.

 Another dozens of feet, and I stumbled on an old-fashioned soapland, which looked a bit different from others. I played my hunch to have fun there.

1 It’s still in operation.

 A clerk spoke to me, “Welcome,” at the entrance. He asked, “Are you alone?” I answered, “Yes.” My voice was cracking with emotion.

 I’m sorry, but I have only a vague memory from here. I was desperate. My heart was pounding like hell all along.

 I guess I told him that any women would do. And I paid the entrance fee, which was probably lower than 10,000 yen.

 When I met a woman, I instantly realized she was over 30. However, she had a slender figure and pretty features.

 While going up the stairs, she talked to me, “Be careful,” or “Turn right there, please,” and so on.

 After entering a room, she did everything. I did nothing. During a mat play, I remember pulling my hips away from her the instant she groped my penis, because I was about to cum.

 I lasted only several seconds. I thought early ejaculation was a shameful thing.

 She said, “I think you need to make the most out of this. You can cum as many times as possible.”

Before I knew it, the mat play was over. I was sitting on the bed. She was drinking a tea in front of me. Maybe we were having a chat or something.

 She stook up, got undressed and turned down the light. She pushed me back on the bed and got on top of me.

 And then, I told her, “I’m okay,” and that I was going to leave. I asked her how much the service charge was. I think it was lower than 10,000, either.

 She charged me lower than usual because I didn’t get a bed service.

 I thanked her and went down the stairs. As I was going out of the entrance, the clerk got down on his knees to thank me. I was so humbled that I almost ran out of there without saying a word.

 That’s it.

 Back then, however, I had nothing to do with the sex industry. It was my first time to pay money to receive sexual service.

 Today, I have no shame or guilty conscience about visiting soaplands or other sex establishments. I’ve lost both good and bad prejudices.

 I haven’t been there for years. When I have a chance, I’d love to go there.

 I will give me a nostalgic feeling. “Hmm. This was the first soapland I experienced in my life.”

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