Naughty Massage – More About Relaxation Than Sexual Action

 There’s a type of sex establishments which has been catching on in recent years.

 It’s called “esute.”

 The word stems from the English word “aesthetic.” It was originally used in the beauty industry targeting women.

 Beauty salons offer many kinds of equipment or aromatherapy including body rub. It’s not unusual for them to provide various massages.

 Relaxation counts a lot. Recent beauty shops for Japanese women tend to put elements of healing before becoming more beautiful.

 I’m a complete ignoramus when it comes to the industry, but it’s an objective opinion.

 The impression of the word connected with the sex business, which created a new genre of fuzoku esute.

 At sex clubs, esute means massage. It’s different from what comes to mind instantly. It’s an erotic massage.

 Normal masseuses rub the body up and down, here and there. They could be men. Women wear, of course, clothes. They avoid the sensitive parts such as the nipples, ass or groin area. There are things strictly forbidden.

 Esute makes the hallucination of taboo happen.

 It’s amazingly pleasing for men.

 A women who is in underwear, topless or nude gives you massage of the nipples, butt or penis. It must seem like a lot of fun.

 That’s the idea of fuzoku esute. It’s expansion of massage.

 It definitely relates to libido but doesn’t originate from sex.

 Esute provides relaxation, not sexual action.

 It’s clearly distinct from other genres.

 Another characteristic is that men don’t have to do anything basically. They leave everything up to women.

 Men take the lead in sex. That could be a bother. You sometimes would rather receive healing than work off sexual frustration, particularly when you’re tired from work.

 That’s when esute comes in.

 The number of the clubs are on the increase, so is portal sites specializing in it.

 I think it makes sense in many ways.

 Like most of the countries in the world, the Internet has been more and more popular in Japan. The trend won’t stop. That’s true of the sex industry.

 According to the Entertainment Business Act, a non-store type is the only option to launch a new establishment. That means you have to maximize online strategy. In order to start one with a front desk, you need to buy or rent an existing license.

 Esute doesn’t require a front desk. It’s just like calling a masseuse to a hotel room.

 Declining birth rate and a growing population of elderly people are getting more and more serious in Japan’s society. With increasing age, potency has a tendency to dwindle, and ejaculation matters less and less.

 In my experience, older people want healing rather than sexual things. Potential customers for esute are likely to grow in number.

 Although some positive news are seen these days, Japanese economy is still bad. Many esute clubs are not as expensive as deriheru. It’s more accessible.

 The word “herbivore men” that was born several years ago has taken root in Japan.

 It represents guys who are negative about romantic relationship. An increasing number of men don’t take the lead but want women to do everything in sex.

 Personally, I don’t think it’s a good thing. However, it’s the fact of life. And it goes well with esute.

 Plus, it’s less burdensome for female workers.

 I’ve talked with many of them. It’s common for them to complain about pain in the sensitive parts. Some of them suddenly have to take days off because of pain in the vagina, especially at soaplands.

 At esute clubs, it’s women who do everything. They are not touched often.

 The sound of the word itself means a lot. It doesn’t convey impression of shame or guilty conscience.

esute What happens at esute, specifically?

 It varies. It’s different from shop to shop. Each female worker has stuff they’re good or bad at.

 In a nutshell, “an experience that’s impossible in ordinary sex. “

 Let’s take an example of a well-known chain. Please keep in mind that not all of esute services are as follows.

 Men usually undress themselves in private life and at sex clubs.

 First, a woman takes your clothes off politely and carefully. There are not many guys who have had a woman do so.

 In a shower room, she washes you. Not only that, she sometimes touch the sensitive parts tantalizingly.

 You lie face-down on the bed. She lightly caresses your back or butt.

 She gets dressed in erotic lingerie and a thong.

 Then, she gives you a massage using aromatic oil on every part of the body gently and elaborately where ordinary masseuses avoid.

 She asks you to lie on the back. As she continues, she could sit on your face or give you hand-job and at the same time lick your nipples.

 When the session time is coming to a close, she gets topless and make you cum by hand using lubricant gel.

 That’s about it.

 At any rate, men leave everything up to women.

 There are so many things for women to do. It’s hard to learn the whole service. So they need serious training.

 It also varies from club to club. In most cases, female workers train them. They have to teach special massage technique. It would be more suitable for those who are active and experienced.

 It’s an well-educated and thorough service.

 I think esute has potential to become the second biggest kind of sex establishment after deriheru in the near future.

 When you have a chance to visit Japan, you might like to try esute just once. I promise it’s worth it.

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