Non-Sexual Service Counts More

 In the sex industry, service matters the most. Female workers don’t sell the body. They offer service to customers in exchange for a fair amount of money.

 They need education.

 Education for sexual service… doesn’t that sound pleasurable? It would be very good if you can earn money by doing erotic things.

 The truth is, it’s not that good. If you’d like, visit here.

1 Every single sex club demand female workers take training sessions? … They don’t. Women basically want to stay away from such things. Many places just educate them by words.

 It’s not all about physical technique. For instance, they have to watch what to talk after meeting in person, how to segue to a shower room, or how they wash customers’ body, and so on.

 There are countless other things they can do to please clients. If it’s cold and they meet outside, they could bring a cup of hot coffee with them to hand it to them. They could undress them gently and keep their clothes neatly folded. A female worker, who was very popular, always brought a can of beer to a repeat customer who was into alcohol.

 I feel that non-sexual service counts more. It’s true that those who can satisfy clients with caring or conversation tend to become more popular than those who cannot.

 Even with a great figure like a top fashion model, those with a bad personality cannot gain popularity. As far as I know, each and every female workers who have tons of repeat customers had a cheerful character and provided comfortable conversation.

 Newcomers have no idea about such topics. They have to learn from experience.

 Otherwise, clients teach them. Some men who have enjoyed sexual service for a long time want to teach what they know to immature female workers. You could say guys like them are valuable in some ways.

 One of the ad copies to promote newcomers is “Dye her in your color.” In the end, it’s not staff who train female workers, but customers.

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