Organized Patronage Dating

 There has been a growing phenomenon which is rarely gotten into by major news agencies.

 It’s online prostitution, particularly, among young girls.

 A word called “enjo-kousai” was coined over ten years ago. It has become a big social issue, where high school students get laid with men who they’ve just met in exchange for money. It coincided with a boom of high school costumes. I think it was also reported by some media overseas.

 At the present day when the Internet has become wodespead, the same thing has been happening online. It’s not very visible, but it’s definitely been going on.

1 A dating site has a bulletin board inside. It nominally intends to serve people who want boyfriends or girlfriends. In fact, it’s a breeding ground for prostitution. I myself sent some e-mails and tried some.

 The solicitors don’t use the words like enjo-kousai or prostitution. They use indirect ways of writing, such as “sapo(support)”, “favor” or “condition.” “Two separately” means they want to get 20,000 yen apart from room charge or travel expense.

 On top of that, a new kind of sexual group called “en-deri” has been rising in number in recent years. The word is a mixture of enjo-kousai and deri-heru, which means outcall agencies in Japan’s sex industry.

 It’s a managed prostitution. Staff attract customers at online bulletin boards, dispatch women and make them bring back money, and they share it with each other.

 Women only meet customers. They usually wait at home or are just killing time somewhere. Staff post messages on the Net.

 I’m using the word “staff” here just for convenience. They don’t work for any companies or organizations.

 When they get responses, they make appointments and tell women to go to the designated place. The rest is up to them.

 You might think women themselves should posts messages, and then they can get all the money. Most find it boring to keep on writing tons of messages online.

 Such bulletin boards are by far busier than you imagine. In Tokyo, new messages appear every one or two minutes. Just one or two posting get little attention. It’s an evidence that Japan’s society is rife with personal prostitution.

 To stably and continuously attract customers, you have to write and send messages every minutes, day in and day out.

 Staff do such a boring job instead. They gather responses on the level women can’t get alone. And that makes the interest between them to share sales with each other.

 Japan has an anti-prostitution law. It prohibits management and solicitation. En-deri is obviously a criminal act.

 I hear some rumors about it. For example, blackmail.

 You successfully meet a woman. You are just about to enter a hotel, and a scary-looking guy suddenly talk to you, “what are you doing with my girl?” He even behaves violently. He charges money for mental suffering. It seems like such cases are not uncommon.

 I read a new report that a teenage girl was arrested for the management. She knew she shouldn’t have commit it, but she took serious efforts on it.

 Her monthly sales figures topped one million yen. She even trained her girls with bananas to improve their skill of blow-job. That means she worked not only on attracting customers but also on making regular ones.

 An ex-coworker of mine also got caught for the en-deri. It was about two years ago and a few months after he was fired for causing a trouble.

 When infrastructure changes, new forms of business emerges. That’s true of the sex business. It might sound inappropriate, but I feel the strength of human beings.

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