Pics of Female Sex Workers in Photo Diaries

 Many sex clubs have their girls write an online journal with photos.

 It’s one of their efforts in publicity campaign.

 You can’t even meet female sex workers in person without paying a large amount of money. They are basically far from customers.

 Sex clubs want to reduce the distance between girls and customers with the journals that come with photos. The girls take the pics by themselves using mobile phones in most cases.

 We call the journal “photo diary” or “syame nikki.” I’ve realized just now that you don’t use the word outside the sex industry. It’s a jargon.

  Most of the time, Japanese men check out the photo diaries of the girls they’re curious about or they have chosen.

 The odds are not so low that the pics show their real faces. Some girls with blurred pictures in their profile page expose themselves in syame nikki. Others expose their eyes or rips only.

 It’s alright for some of them to reveal their face online in syame nikki, while it’s not on their club’s website. They made their own decisions. Staff are not responsible for it. I personally find it difficult to understand, though.

 Plus, they often show the breast cleavage or themselves in underwear there.

 The pictures are taken and uploaded by female sex workers. They don’t bother to use a photoshop to make them look better. Smart phone apps might add decoration, but there is no modification to it.

 Japanese Sex club goers know that. Regulars compare pics in profiles and syame nikki to seek the truth.

 Pictures have no language barrier. You can do it, too.

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