Probability of Penetration

 Most of Japan’s sex establishments fall under “herusu,” which offers sex without penetration.

 It’s difficult to buy complete sex in Japan… that’s not the case. The actual fact is the opposite. It’s easy.

 First of all, if you want to enjoy full sex with absolute certainty, soaplands should be the first choice. You don’t have to tell the masseuses anything. They let you in willingly.

shutterstock_74801773 How about herusu workers?

 Herusu clubs come in three types: hako-heru, hote-heru, and deri-heru.

 Hako-heru has a front desk, a waiting room, and private rooms in the back. One female worker is stationed in each room. Customers pay money to the staff, wait for a while and get service in one of the rooms. “Hako” means “box.”

 Hote-heru is short for hotel herusu. It has only a front desk, and “love hotels” are located in the neighborhood. The hotels are designed just for sexual actions and are used by the hour. Sessions occur in the rooms.

 Deri-heru is short for delivery herusu. It dispatches female workers to any rooms.

 It’s very unlikely to get penetration at hako-heru establishments. Staff are close the entire time, which is the main reason why women choose the type. If something happens, all they have to do is scream.

 The situation is different at hote-heru and deri-heru. It’s highly likely to get full sex here.

 From my experience, I’ve been able to get it more than 90 percent of the time. Only two wouldn’t let me.

 Of course, there are some things I need to do. I avoid what female workers don’t like. I try to have a cheerful conversation. I also try to make them feel better by doing what most customers don’t. I become conscious of how they feel in bed, too.

 At the right time, I ask them, “It’s okay if you can’t, but can you let me in?” That’s it.

 There are some areas where all the herusu establishments offer full sex 100 percent of the time. One of the most well-known is Uguisudani in Tokyo.

 Some female workers even offered internal ejaculation without a condom. They controlled everything with pills. I declined all of them, because I’m afraid of STD.

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