Project Of Mystery Shoppers In The Sex Industry

 False information is rampant in Japan’s sex industry.

 Not all but most of profiles are filled with lies.

 Picture modification comes at the top of the list. I guess only less than 10 percent of sex establishments stay away from it.

 From an operational standpoint, it’s natural to want to make commodities look as good as possible. Photoshop is used in other industries, too. You don’t have to feel ashamed. Some even advocate that you should do it.

 Still, from customers’ point of view, it’s definitely something that shouldn’t be done.

 People call Photoshopping “panemaji” in Japan’s sex business. It’s short for “panel magic,” a Japanese-English word.

 Customers complain most about panemaji. Without it, I think complaints today would decrease by half.

 Measurements also matters. Here again, over 90 percent of figures are rigged. It’s by far tougher to find women with honest measurements than those with false ones.

 Very few customers bring a measuring tape. At least, I’ve never heard of any. There’s no telling if they have true or false figures.

 Staff make women seem younger, bustier and more slender.

 In addition, text introduction are false in most cases. It’s not rare that staff write everything without even talking to the women and with imagination and exaggeration. I myself wrote tons of fake texts.

 You will never know that pics, measurements and text information are manipulated until you meet a woman in person. Sex service costs a lot. Once you’ve paid, you won’t get money back.

 Sex business doesn’t have good effects on public reputation. Most customers who believed fake info and were betrayed have cried themselves to sleep.

1 To bring about breakthrough, a company called SOD has launched a project.

 SOD is a porn production company. Its works have gained lots of popularity.

 The project is called “SOD Mystery Shoppers.”

 First, they recruit agents via the Internet. They ask applicants where they live, what they do for a living or their writing ability. If they passed, they can enjoy sexual service one a week. They write a report on their experience honestly and send it to SOD with a receipt. Several days later, they will get the whole money back.

 With a receipt and a report, you can enjoy sessions at sex clubs every week for free of charge. Doesn’t that sound fascinating?

 Actually, I myself have applied. The website says applicants will be contacted only when they pass. I haven’t got a phone call or an e-mail back. It looks like I didn’t pass. Too bad.

 The project has been going on for years. Many reports are being submitted. There’s even a website based on the information.

 Ordinary web portals attract viewrs’ attention to sponsors who pay more money. The site doesn’t. It runs rankings on the basis of the opinions from mystery shoppers. At least that’s what they argue.

 It’s an unprecedented attempt in Japan’s sex industry.

 It not only collects reports, but also holds meetings frequently. There, agents talk about what area or what genre they should focus on, they give pieces of advice, or just hang around to get to know one another better.

 It claims it makes sure that jobs and income of each agent are diverse, so that it can get as objective information as possible.

 It appears to be something that won’t go away soon. It takes a long-term view, seemingly.

 I think it has a certain amount of value, only if its content is really based on agents, not on sponsors.

 What do you think?

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