Fuzokujo – Female Sex Workers

Reputation Of Japanese People

japan1 I must become objective.

 So I’ll quote researches here conducted by other countries.

 A BBC global poll in 2012 found that Japan has the most positive influence in the world.

 Surveys by U.S. travel agency Expedia called The World’s Best Tourists resulted in Japan on the top of the lists for three years in a row.

 Another survery by TripAdvisor in 2012 uncovered that Tokyo takes the No.1 position in the feedback of security, cleanliness, transport and taxi drivers.

 Not all of the Japanese are good people. There are a lot of bad guys, including me.

 I’d just like you learn that Japan has the aspects like the above. They apply to women born and raised there.

 It looks like Japanese women have been popular among other countries. I’m personally happy about it, but I don’t know why.

 What about you?

By Their Own Volition

volition Remember the word “fuzokujo.”

 It means female workers who give sensual service to men in exchange for money in Japan’s sex business.

 I searched the Internet for information about female sex workers abroad.

 It seems like many of them are addicted to drugs, and others are involved in human traffiking. It’s not uncommon that they’re forced to work against their will.

 In Japan, it’s uncommon for women to be forced to work sexually.

 I’m not going to say drug doesn’t exist. At the same time, however, addicted fuzokujo is overwhelmingly small in number.

 I’m not sure about other Asians. When it comes to Japanese, human trafficking is virtually zero today.

 Even girls deeply in debt decide to get into the job by their own volition, not on compulsion.

 Many Japanese take on sexual work as a vocation, second job or career. They don’t necessarily have unhappy background.

 Not a few of them choose to work in the industry with a light heart, for example, to pay for tuition, to save money for traveling or to buy expensive brand items.

 There are also cases of prestigious university students wanting to make extra money and of highly paid ladies wanting excitement in boring life.

 Practically all of the fuzokujoes decide to work in the sex business of their own free will.

Women Come First

comefirst Do you see Japan as male-dominated?

 Being superior to women, men tend to treat women the hard way, particularly in the sex industry?

 That’s not the case here.

 I agree that predominance of men over women has been around to a degree here. But as for fuzoku, the actual fact is quite the opposite.

 Staff members guard fuzokujoes from any danger, make them feel comfortable, strive to protect their privacy, ease their minds by listening or make them laugh by joking.

 Women come first.


 Fuzoku business never lasts without them. The most important thing in running a sex-related club is recruiting new comers and have them stay as long as possible.

 They work voluntarily. There are thousands of establishments throughout Japan, nearly 2,000 in Tokyo alone. When they face something uncomfortable, they easily vanish to other clubs.

 In the absence of understanding their situation, you can never operate a sex business to make profit in Japan.

 We have to value female sex workers.

 But I disagree to treating them like queens. It would be ideal to assert and accept what each other has to say as business partners.

 Again, staff at sex establishments guard them from anything dangerous, in some cases even from clients.

Keep in Mind …

please1 When you’re in Japan, act like Japanese do.

 When you spend time with a fuzokujo, you must never look down on her.

 Female sex workers engage in ultimate entertainment service. They make incredible amount of effort just to make you happy.

 It doesn’t matter what’s going on in other countries. Here in Japan, you must respect them.

 I need you to understand these indispensable requirements:
・You must follow what a fuzokujo tells you to do.
・Don’t compel her to do off-menu things.
・Don’t do anything that would make her feel uncomfortable.
・Needless to say, don’t behave violently.

 Keep in mind that “women come first.”

 If you cannot accept the requirements, forget about this website and give up having sexual fun in Japan.

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