Legality, and New Development

What’s Wrong is Right, and Vice Versa

legality Japan has the Prostitution Prohibition Law.

 It literally illegalizes providing sex for money, regulates sex establishments nationwide and defines the dos and don’ts in the industry.

 To launch a sex-related business, you have to notify the authorities with proper paper works.

 As a matter of fact, what sex clubs do is technically illegal.

 Soaplands are called “the king of fuzoku.” They are notified in the name of special bathhouses, where clients rent a private bathroom by the hour and female companions-in-residence help them take a bath. Everybody knows what’s really happening behind closed doors.

 The most widespread type of sex establishments are “herusu” in Japanese, or “health” in English. The notification of a club I once worked for said female workers give clients special massage using oil and powder in their underwear. Here again, everybody knows what’s really going on.

 Sex establishments in Japan run in a gray zone.

 Why do the Japanese law enforcement officers leave such businesses on the loose?

 For one, there is an opinion that sex industry decreases bestial crimes.

 People say that prostitution is the oldest occupation in human history. Sex business has been around all the time. It’s impossible to eradicate brothels or red-light districts completely. The police think it’s sensible to put it under control. That way, they can correct trivial actions and place regulations whenever you decide to.

 I guess backstage deals between the police and yakuza, Japanese gangsters, have a dramatic effect on the current ambiguous situation. I don’t know much about it. Even if I do, it would be better not to write on the detail.

No Honban – Birth of Herusu

nohonban1 What is the definition of sex?

 The Prohibition Prostitution Law defines sex as “penetration.” In other words, inserting the penis in the vagina. It’s called “honban”.

 To become as close to being legal as possible, Japanese developed a service called “herusu.” It rules out honban. You cannot put the dick into the pussy. The staff members tell clients not to do it just before introducing a woman.

 Herusu means sex without penetration.

Three Benefits

sumata In ordinary sex, honban is the ultimate goal. From there, nothing expands.

 With honban, female sex workers can let clients use their “hole” and just lie down until the session is over. That doesn’t work in herusu, because the ultimate goal is taken away. You need to explore different approaches to satisfy customers.

 What do herusu workers do specifically?

 They give clients blow-, tit- and hand-jobs. They also give massage using the lips, tongue, boobs or hands.

 In addition, they use a technique called “sumata.” It has a variety of versions such as missionary or doggy. It’s similar to what you call ass-job in the English world. It looks like a combination of ass-job, hand-job and intercrural sex.

 Excellent sumata feels a lot better than the real pussy.

 The entire service matters, too.

 Do you feel happy just with penetration? How would you feel if a women in bed with you doesn’t even talk and show no reactions? That won’t happen in herusu.

 Men want women’s love. They want to feel happy. Lust isn’t everything. Staff teach fuzokujoes how to satisfy customers inside and outside sexual actions.

 ”No honban” policy makes it less burdensome to take on a sexual job. More and more of the average women get into the herusu workforce. They may be a college student at prestigious university, a beautiful sales clerk at a department store or just another housewife you pass by on the street.

 I have some information on the “no penetration” policy that will interest you. I shouldn’t write it down here. I’m going to put it in an audio file.

Click below and Listen.

 In summary, benefits are …
1. Exploration beyond ordinary sex
2. Improvement in the entire service
3. Better chance to meet more amateurs

 Herusu clubs are the largest in number among all the sex-related ones. I feel it’s had a positive impact on the Japanese sex business as a whole.

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