Sexual Situation in Japan

Sexually Inactive Nation

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 Quiet, unexpressive, or enigmatnic?

 Political Scientist Samuel P. Huntington defined Japan as a single civilization by itself in his work “Clash of Civilization.” No other nations were classified the same way.

 We sometimes tease ourselves with a virtual saying, “Japan’s common sense is not the common sense of the world.”

 It might seem difficult for you to digest what we’re thinking about.

 On the other hand, it’s easier to understand the sexual aspects.

 According to a survey by global condom maker Durex, Japanese married couples have sex an average of 45 times a year. It’s less than once a week. It’s the least among over 40 countries.

 A research in 2013 by Japanese maker Sagami Rubber Industry shows that 55.2% of married couples in their twenties to sixties have no sex at all. Another research in 2013 by Rikuruto Bridal found that 72% of unmarried people have no boyfriend or girlfriend.

 Judging from the above, the current Japan is sexually inactive.

Sex-Related Traditions

kanamara Sexual festivals and traditions interest you, right?

 The Kanamara festival would be one of the most famous events. Its religeous object represents the male genitalia.

 There is also the Manko festival about the female counterpart. “Manko” means the pussy.

 Japan has many hot springs. Not a small number of inns and hotels with springs still offer mixed baths, which women and men can take together, of course, as naked as nature intended.

 Historians say brothels were found everywhere throughout the soil. Today, the culture remains most distinctly in Yoshiwara, the epicenter of soapland.

 Studies also prove that a custom called “yobai” was practiced nationally for hudreds of years.

Yobai – No Promise Needed

yobai2 It is night, dark and serene. There is a man creeping into a house without notice. He sneaks into the bedroom of a woman. She finds him. Agreement is reached. They begin to make love.

 This is Yobai.

 Yobai means a man sneaking into the bedroom of a woman at night for sexual intercourse. With her agreement and without any promise or preparation, he gets to have sex with her right away.

 Let me explain simply.

 In Japan, traditional houses had no locks at all. People didn’t have to worry about security.

 Japanese society, in rural area in particular, was an agricultural village based on rice farming. All the residents considered themselves to be one big family.

 In ancient time, couples commonly lived away from each other. A man visited his lover’s house at night.

 As time went by, men began to go to other houses for different women. Women accepted different men.

 As more years rolled on, the unwritten rule gradually changed into the culture of sleeping around.

Keeping Code


 There were even verbal codes for Yobai.

 It differed from one village to another. As long as you kept them and get female agreement, men were able to have sex with any women.

 Historians say in some areas, many men and women spent nights in a large room at festivals, where orgy or gangbang occurred.

 Sex was one of the most important pleasures in village life with little amusement.

 Japan has a 2700 year old history. The yobai continued for hundreds of years until modern times.

 Japanese people in general were historically, in my words, swingers.

Pervert Nationality

pervert Today, things have changed dramatically.

 Yobai has completely disappeared.

 The influx of American and European cultures had a major impact. Monogamy became widespread in Japan about a hundred years ago. The occupation after the defeat in World War 2 played a big role, too.

 It’s an accepted view, however, that until about a hundred years ago, Japanese people had been extremely active in a sexual way. They didn’t even have to think about courting or cheating. Sex outside marriage was commonplace. Polygamy existed, too.

 I think the hereditary trait has been influencing the sex industry today.

 Such topics rarely come up in public. Authorities would hide sexual matters particularly from other nations.

 When it comes to what everybody knows, think about pedophiliac hentai animations. Hentai means “perversion.”

 Japanese pornography dominates the Asian region. A huge proportion of Asian porn movies around the globe are created in Japan.

 In addition, diversity in fuzoku establishments makes Japan one of the most pervert countries in the world, I think.

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