Recent Crackdowns and the Olympic Games

 Two sex establishments were busted about a month ago. That itself is nothing special. Sporadic crackdowns have been conducted regularly.

 What’s irregular about it is the reason: violation of the Radio Law.

 Long-established sex clubs still use transceivers. Cell phones provide only one-on-one communication, but transceiving does one-to-many.

 Technically, that goes against the law. In reality, most places, even ordinary citizens, go unchecked. If the law enforcement agencies get serious about them, they have to crack down not only on sex businesses but also on all the other people. The police always suffer from shortage in manpower. They pretended not to see them.

 If sex clubs were busted because of the Radio Law, it’s an abnormal situation. At least, there have been almost no such cases before.

 Ever since the Tokyo Olympic in 2020 was decided, more and more of cases like the above have been seen recently. I guess the authorities that want to hide Japan’s sexual aspect from overseas are getting tougher on the adult industry.

 In fact, the Japan-Korea World Cup held in 2002 caused major clampdowns which swept tons of legal and illegal sex establishments.

 Japan’s porn movies dominates the Asian region. Heitai animation originates from Japan. Variations of sex clubs in Japan is hard to find in other nations. Any way you look at it, Japan is one of the most erotic countries in the world. The Japanese people are crazily perverted. Still, the government wants to keep the fact secret.

 As we approach 2020, the sex industry here will undergo the hardest experience in the last few decades.

 The difficulty is, it’s impossible to completely eradicate the sex industry. The job of women selling the body to men is said to be the oldest occupation in history. It’s been around anytime and anywhere. It’s even part of any culture. Trying to eliminate it causes social distortion.

 Japanese police are not stupid. They know that thorough crackdowns should lead to complete underground. That’s why they’ve maintained the current ambiguous situation.

1 However, their recent behavior sometimes makes me think they’re going a bit too far. It makes me unsure of what they’re thinking about.

 Anyway, Japan’s sex business cannot go away. I’d like to keep an eye on what will happen there.

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