Recent Specialty Shops

 In one of the previous posts, I wrote some about specialty clubs in Japan’s sex industry. Months have passed. New places have opened. This time, I’ll add some to the list.

Male Squirting

 Squirting doesn’t necessarily come with sexual pleasure for women. Still, it looks good as an image. It’s one of the highlights of porn movies.

 Men can squirt, too. Not everyone, but some can. In recent years, specialty clubs which offer service to realize male squirting, using not only blow job but also prostatic massage.

Reverse Massage

 Usually, female workers give massage to male clients. In reverse massage, the table is turned.

 Usually again, normal massage doesn’t include the sensitive parts. Here, it does. It makes men’s erotic imagination come true.

 Some shops provide oil or costumes.

Story Play

 For short, it’s acting. You and the other woman play roles as enjoying sexual action. You can experience situations which is impossible in ordinary life.

 Many of the customers have an intelligent job like authors. Also, it often involves cosplay.


 Sexual jobs where female workers don’t have to undress, lick and let customers touch have been always popular. It’s kind of an entrance to the sexual industry. It’s a lot less burdensome for women.

 Clubs specializing in hand-job or blow-job have been around, but those specializing in kissing using the tongue wasn’t. Several months ago, one has opened.


 Female workers have themselves blindfolded throughout a session. Some men can’t behave as they are because of being watched. Blindfolds take away such embarrassment.

 There is a place where women wear a mask the entire time to hide their face. Men don’t have to care about whether they’re beautiful or not.


 Threesome sevice, or 3P in Japanese, is nothing special in Japan’s sex industry today. However, one-on-one service at the beginning joined by one more halfway is pretty uncommon.

No conversation

 Customers pay a fair amount of money for a limited amount of time. They may well make the most out of it. Some men think of conversation as a waste of time.

 To meed the needs, an outcall agency was launched called “Robot Deriheru.” Female workers are just robots, so they utter as little words as possible.

Miko Cosplay

 It might be new to non-Japanese people. There is a unique belief system called Shinto in Japan, which has “eight millions of gods.” You find Shinto shrines almost everywhere in Japan. If you’re interested, please look it up on Google.

 Women who serve at the festivals, dressed in characteristic clothes in red and white, are called Miko. It might be indiscreet in some ways, but some men are sexually aroused by what they wear. A sex establishment targeting them has opened months ago.


 Phimosis is a difficult thing for sex workers. Genuine one can be dealt with condomes. They say pseudo one causes most problems. It could be complex for most customers as well.

 A sex club has launched which specializes in phimosis for the first time in Japan’s sex industry. I wonder how the staff educate women.

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