Recent Urban Legend About Deriheru

 It has nothing to do at all with customers, but an urban legend has become widespread for recent years. It could be true, and it couldn’t.

 The only type of sex establishments that’s on the increase is “deriheru.” It’s like escorts in other countries. It doesn’t have a front desk, attract customers online alone, and accept orders via phone.

 No other types can be licensed in Japan’s sex industry today. As long as the laws on sexual stuff stays the same, They are doomed to vanish away.

1 To run a deriheru club, an office is required. You cannot get a new license without it. You need to rent a room somewhere.

 The Japanese people in general have a prejudice against sex businesses. Not many landlords are willing to accept them.

 Here’s the urban legend. There’s a reason for them being forced to accept them: stigmatized properties.

 The properties are rooms where someone committed suicide or was murdered, including those that are haunted by ghosts. Once such rumors take root, it’s hard to get borrowers. Real-estate agencies are obligated to mention about them.

 It’s a lot better to lend rooms even to sex establishments than keeping them empty.

 In other words, many offices of deriheru are located in rooms where people died or ghosts live. Let’s stay away from discussions on whether ghosts exist.

 Personally, I believe they could be real. I myself have an experience.

 It was around 1:00 at midnight. I was waiting for a female sex worker to coming back at an office. Suddenly, I heard someone walking in the next room. Of course, there was nobody except me there.

 It’s up to you whether to believe it or not.

 Anyway, it has nothing to do with customers. So please enjoy without worry.

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