Relationship Between Workers

 What the sex industry provides originates from women.

 Precisely, it offers service that they create, not the body they have. So the expression “to sell the body” is wrong.

 Anyway, You can go nowhere without them in the first place.

 Somehow, most of staff members who run sex establishments consist of men. Female ones have been gradually rising in number these days, but they’re still badly outnumbered.

 It may be because of the public image the whole industry conveys, or of primitive instinct that women want to follow men.

 I believe few other industries make you speculate about what females of species are. It applies not only to customers but also to staff.

 When you realize there are a man and a woman, don’t you feel something’s about to begin? When there are movies whose main characters are one man and one woman, is it only me who think that romantic relationship is definitely starting soon?

1 What’s going on with romance between male staff and female workers?

 Judging from professional ethics, it shouldn’t occur. It’s a taboo.

 It’s easier to understand when you compare sex shops with other industries.

 For example, think of a seven eleven or any kind of store nearby. It carries tons of merchandise inside. Stationed clerks may greet you when you enter.

 That’s exactly the same with sex establishments. The displayed items represent female workers showing up for work. The clerks do male staff at front desks.

 I guess seven-eleven clerks are not racing against time 24/7. They must have some free times.

 ”I’ve nothing to do for now.” “I’m bored, and hungry.” … “It’s just a bit. Nobody cares.” “It’s alright if they don’t know.” … What if they avoid surveillance cameras to take some food out of the displayed merchandise and eat it in secret?

 I’m not a lawyer. Still, doesn’t this go against the law? Even if it doesn’t, it can’t happen ethically.

 Likewise, male staff at sex establishments shouldn’t flirt with female workers. Items at seven elevens are there for customers. So are women. Staff should not make a pass at them.

 No law punish them if they do. Based on vocational ethics, however, that’s impossible.

 This is when I got into the workforce of a sex establishment. After a while, I learned that the manager there was a hopeless idiot. He played around with girls enrolled there. He’d been making a fundamental mistake.

 Everybody around him knew it. In other words, they held his weakness. That made it hard for him to take strong attitude.

 It was such a stupid situation, because commodities didn’t follow staff.

 As a result, sales figures dropped dramatically. One co-workers of mine disappeared each month. It was the first time for me to work at such a silly workplace.

 Finally, the company president realized how serious the situation was. He himself came to the spot every day to carry out a drastic reform. Two months afterwards, the manager ran away.

 Like my experience above, I’ve heard of many cases. No clubs flourish if they’re wrong in terms of vocational ethics. When male staff flirt with female workers, or when basic job consciousness is immature, sex business doesn’t run smoothly.

 Therefore, workplace romance is banned in the sex industry. You should seek it elsewhere.

 As a matter of fact, tons of guys have still been keeping committing the taboo. You find many talented and intelligent people in the sex business. At the same time, I can’t deny that the industry tends to attract dickheads.

 Maybe it’s not about ethics or intelligence, and one cannot resist love. You could say that the sex clubs offer the irresistible treasure.

 I’m sorry about writing stupid stuff.

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