Report on “3P” session

 ”3P” means “threesome” in Japanese. It usually involves one man and two women in Japan’s adult world.

 Japan’s brothels were once called “Yuukaku” and was concentrated in particular areas, or red-light districts. Toady, the places are packed with soaplands, where service called “two wheels” has been around for dozens of years. As you might guess, it’s about two women providing sexual pleasure at one time.

 Such kind of service has been becoming common in recent years in the sex business. I just experienced it just a few months ago for the first time.

1 One day, I finished a job near a red-light district by chance. I had some money in my pocket, and I noticed that the area had a lot of sex establishments with threesome offers. I didn’t know why, but somehow I got motivated suddenly.

 I searched the web with keywords of “3P” and the name of the area. I chose the top of the list. I wasn’t interested in choosing. I just wanted to do it.

 I made a phone call to the club. A woman answered. It’s not uncommon to encounter female staff recently.

 Not all the female workers can perform 3P. Some pairs don’t get along well. I thought it would be a lot better to spend time with two who do. The staff should know about it, so I left the choice of women up to her.

 I checked in a love hotel she recommended and telephoned again to tell her the room number. About ten minutes later, the receptionist called me, “You have two guests. Would it be alright to let them in?” Two more minutes, and the door was knocked.

 One had black hair and looked pretty beautiful. The other had brown hair and looked ordinary. They both had the big boobs, and not slim but not fat. I think they were both in their late twenties.

 Sitting on the bed, we had a chat for a while. It look to me like they were on good terms. They told me they often do 3P together, saying “We know what to do. You can just lie here, and we’ll make you feel like heaven.”

 Furthermore, “Instead, if you’d like to enjoy full sex, we need extra fee.” They asked for 3000 yen each. I had to pay another 6000 yen. It’s not that costly. I paid.

 You have to take a shower beforehand. They told me, “We’re going to wash you together.” We all got naked. I found myself between them and being washed everywhere with their hands and boobs. They also allowed me to touch anywhere I wanted.

 In bed, they asked me to lie down on the back and began to lick both of my nipples at the same time. They licked and caressed my whole body. One gave me blow job, and the other pressed her breasts against my face.

 While I was absorbed in kissing with our tongues, the other put a condom on me and let me in in the posture of cowgirl. Next, my face got under another pussy.

 I changed positions to enjoy the two women a number of times. I learned that it’s such fun to insert the dick into different pussies during one sex.

 One-on-one sex is of course great, but one-on-two is considerably pleasurable as wekk. I think it wouldn’t hurt to try at least once in a lifetime.

 I’m going to do it again soon.

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