Report on Prostitution – My Experience

 Prostitution has been going around in Japan.

 The Anti-Prostitution Law does exist. It has no actual effect on those who pay cash to get laid.

 It criminalizes those who buy girls younger than 18, due to the Youth Sex Protection Law. One will face no problem at all with women over the age of 18.

 Japanese laws illegalize only those who manage or solicit prostitution. Men who pay money to have sex with prostitutes or any types of women won’t get punished at all.

 I don’t know about non-Japanese. With a Japanese citizenship, you have virtually no legal problems about buying women here.

 I myself have bought sex. I’m going to write about my experience on this post.

 I got to know her on the Internet, a dating site.

 It was before I got into the sex business. I had known almost nothing about underground stuff, such as the fact that online dating services were breeding grounds for prostitution.

 Matchmaking online had no positive impression on me. There were some news on TV. I wasn’t looking for someone special seriously. I was just trying playfully.

 The site had bulletin boards for personal ads. Posts were updated nearly every minute. I chose one and e-mailed her lightheartedly.

 I got an immediate response.

 It started, “Thank you for finding me.” And then it read, “How about 1.5 separately?” I had no idea what she meant.

 After a while, a news story crossed my mind, which said that women who sold the body on the Internet had been increasing. I thought she was one of them.

 I checked her details. If I remember correctly, she was 24 years old. Her pics showed her ample breasts.

 Of course, I liked erotic things. At the same time, I was interested in how it would turn out. I e-mailed her to send OK.

1 That was my first whoredom in my life.

 She named where to meet. It was a convenience store near love hotels, and was about ten minutes’ walk from where I lived.

 I suspected it was just a prank, and that she might not show up.

 She was really there, at around 19:30. She didn’t look like 24 years old but at least 35, had the chubby figure and black hair and wore suits.

 I expected all of them. I wasn’t naive enough to believe everything on the Web.

 I accept a wider variety of women than the average men. She was not too ugly. I decided to talk to her.

 She asked if I was the man who she waited for with an online nickname. And then, she said, “Okay. Let’s go,” and started to walk to the hotels. It surprised me that she was really willing to have sex with a man she had just met, even in exchange for money.

 She talked a lot. She seemed to have a cheerful personality. I was a bit relieved. I didn’t want to have a somber sex.

 After checking in and entering a room, we both sat down and talk. I thought it would be polite to pay money first. I handed her 15000 yen.

 She thanked me and began to brush her teeth.

 It was obvious what we were going to do shortly. I undressed myslef and went into the shower room. I ran the bath water and soaked myself in it. She came in totally naked.

 Her pics on the site showed a deep cleavage, but her real boobs were not that attractive. Her whole body didn’t look that good, either. I’d seen it coming. That didn’t depress me.

 We kissed each other in the water. She seemed to come out of the shell. She began to talk about herself.

 She worked part-time as a phone operator and got jobs only two days a week. She was always short of money. She lived with her mother and younger sister. After the sex, she was going to play video games with her sister.

 She took up selling her body under the influence of a friend of hers. She advised her a few things: “Don’t register your real address.” “It’s totally alright to lie about your details on online profiles.” “The current going rate for one session is about 20,000 yen.”

 I think that because she probably realized that her age and appearance didn’t work as advantages, she offered a price less than the average.

 That relieved me a bit. I knew women ignorant of their ignorance were terrible to spend time with.

 I went out of the shower and sat down on the bed. There was a big TV there. You could watch porn videos for free. I played a piece to set the mood.

 She also came on the bed. She told me that she didn’t watch such things in her private time and that the actress’s voice sounded kind of new.

 Then, we got started.

 She was passive rather than aggressive. But she gave me some blow jobs.

 Her nipples were so sensitive that touching and pinching using fingers hurt her. I licked them gently and she yelled out.

 I inserted my finger into her pussy, which was really tight and wet.

 She said she liked a doggy style. So I fucked her from behind to my heart’s content.

 After we were done, we took a shower together, dressed ourselves and checked out. We parted with a smile.

 Somehow, it felt strangely natural to me in many ways.

 I’ve read and heard that some of the girls who sell the body online are a little out of the mind. In my case, she didn’t look very attractive, but at least she wasn’t mentally sick.

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