Romance Between Providers And Customers

 Sexual service is false romance.

 It provides customers with action which is possible only between couples or those who love each other.

 Normally, love or marriage come first. Sometimes, the order reverses.

 It’s true that there are sex workers who go out with customers.

 Some clubs encourage female workers to exchange contact information with clients. If not, some women do so willingly.

 That’s a really effective way to fascinate men.

 Huge differences occur between those who exchange addresses or numbers and those who don’t in terms of the number of regulars. The good-looking without contact information have a lot fewer of them than the bad-looking who texts and telephones daily with clients.

 That’s one of the reasons why women who are not beautiful becomes the most popular at many clubs.

 Female workers with great appearances and at the same time exchange contact info are the best. That’s the case with all of the extremely popular workers I know.

 I think about half of women adopt the approach, even if their clubs prohibit it. It’s my personal opinion. There’s no telling what’s happening behind closed doors.

1 Sex providers are human beings. At times, they cross a line between business and private life.

 As far as I know, the contact exchange often causes a real relationship.

 Few other occupations bring more encounters. You could say meeting men is the job in and out of itself. When women feel lonely, it’s no wonder they turn to someone who can reach easily.

 Staff stationed in a ready room have many opportunities to talk with female workers about things unrelated to work. Some did tell me that they had had a relationship with customers.

 Confession isn’t everything. Women like rumors. I often heard, like, this girl is seeing that client, and what not.

 The number isn’t high, but there were eyewitnesses on the street who saw girls walking with regulars.

 I even know three cases of female workers who got married to clients. One of them were deeply in debt, and her husband promised to pay it back instead. Another husband was a fairly rich guy. The other was a marriage for love.

 Incidentally, soapland masseuses have a strong sense of professionalism. They rarely see anyone outside. Mat play requires technique and their routine includes penetration. They can’t help but concentrate. Most soap ladies take their job very seriously.

 On the contrary, herusu women have a higher percentage of dating with patrons. Most of the clubs I worked for falls into herusu. For all I see, about 70 percent of female workers have go out with customers.

 By the way, men who successfully get girlfriends in the sex industry do particular things: they do something different from other men, and they don’t let female workers do their job.

 Maybe I’ll write some about it if I have a chance.

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