Schoolgirls Cafe

 How people in your country view schoolgirls as? Young girls simply have big appeals? Is their image or something utilized commercially?

 It might inappropriate to say this, but in Japan, schoolgirls are a brand.

 At one time, shops called “burusera,” which sell schoolgirl goods, used to be a big social issue. They don’t carry ready-made products. They only do used ones by buying them from real students, targeting geeks crazy for real things. On the other hand, girls use them to get some money.

cafe Schoolgirls are one of the most popular genres in pornography. Young pornstars, especially in their teens, wear school uniform quite often. Nowadays, pieces where non-Japanese actresses wear the uniform and get laid with Japanese men are gaining a lot of attention.

 Sex establishments are no exception. Many of those which specialize in them exist. The costumes are so popular, they’re almost a must. However, real schoolgirls, who are 18 years or older, cannot work for such places. It’s against the law. However, there seems to be no ending of cases like that.

 Quite recently, another case happened within twenty minutes’ walk from where I live. The area is one of the most famous red-light districts in Japan.

 Under arrest were the manager at the age of 39 and the chief at 31. The place was called “Schoolgirls Cafe KIMINOKAZE.” It had 14 female workers ranging from 15 to 17 years old. All of them actually went to school except one.

 Clients pay 2000 yen first so that they can choose who to chat with. She stands before them over the counter and sells them alcohol. That’s how it worked there.

 Having minors working like that is illegal any way you look at it. I cannot help but wonder what caused those arrested to commit it. Do people tend to think they can get around possible raids?

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