Classification of Japan’s Sex Clubs

 Japan’s sex establishments are classified into three categories.
1. Soapland
2. Herusu
3. Soft service

1. Soapland

soap Soaplands are called “the king of fuzoku.”

 They carry on a tradition of the biggest kind of brothels, Yuukaku, which has gone already.

 It had hundreds of years of history. It faded quickly during the Meiji to Showa era, or roughly between 140 and 80 years ago.

 Shortly afterwards, the special bathhouses began to show up. They catch on in the same area Yuukaku disappeared. The most famous is the Yoshiwara district in Tokyo.

 Soaplands come with a multistory building. It has an entrance, front desk and waiting room on the 1st floor, and private rooms on every other higher floor.

 Each room has a normally-floored section with a makeshift bed and a bathroom section with a tub and sunken shower floor. In such large rooms, female workers provide outstanding service.

 The biggest feature is “mat play.” They give clients massage using the whole body and lubricant gel on a big mattress like a raft. It feels incredibly good. I think every man should experience it at least once in a lifetime.

 You can expect a certain thing in the bathhouses. Those who have no experience can never know. Anyone with some experience knows what it is.

 I don’t think I should write about it here. I’m going to tell you in an audio file.

Click the button to listen.

 Incidentally, the current law prohibits launching a new soapland. You have to buy or rent a license that always comes with property.

 The bath building can’t be reconstructed but can only be refurbished. As a result, most are getting older.

 If the law stays the same, soaplands will have to get out of business in the near future.

 Personally, however, I think even if all the soap establishments do shut down, that the tradition will continue in a different form, just like Yuukaku did.

2. Herusu

herusuclassification1 Herusu’s service is sex without penetration.

 You can’t put the dick into the pussy.

 The Japanese anti-prostitution law technically bans just putting the penis into the vagina. As long as you stay away from it, you’re fine.

 Penetration is called “honban”. Herusu clubs offer everything except it within the scope of their menu.

 In a private room, a woman and you get totally naked. You can touch her, kiss her, grope her boobs, caress her ass or lick and finger her pussy. She might give you blow-job or tit-fuck. You can ask her to do something.

 You’re probably thinking like this: “With or without it, it’s nothing but sex!”

 I’m not going to argue any point here. It’s just the fact of life. Please accept it the way it is.

 I think ambiguity is one of the characteristics of Japan. Gray zones are found here and there particularly by foreign people. Verbal promises often suffice in my country.

 In the absence of the ultimate goal of sex, alternatives have become widely used. The most distinct one is “sumata.”

 It’s a mixture of ass-job, leg-job and manual stimulation with some variety in positions, missionary or cowgirl. It gives men pseudo-insertional sensation. Skilled sumata feels a lot better than actual penetration.

 You shouldn’t rely on just one alternative. Efforts to improve the whole service have also become widespread, so that clients have a big smile when they leave and want to come back.

 Herusu establishments accounts for more than half of all the sex-related businesses in Japan. They have positive influence on the Japanese sexual industry as a whole.

 There are three categories of clubs: hako-heru, hote-heru, and deri-heru.


 Hako means box.

 Hako-heru is the oldest type of herusu.

 Like soaplands, everything starts and ends in one building, but not as big. Most have just one-story space with a front desk, anteroom, and several private rooms in the back.

 Each room has a small shower room and a massage table. You can say they’re cramped. They’re just for sexual action.

 Only hako-heru is allowed to hang up a signboard. The other two types are not.

 The clubs tend to thicken in a limited neighborhood. The biggest all around the country is Akebono-cho in Kanagawa Prefecture.


 Hote-heru is an abbreviation for hotel herusu.

 It has an information counter. It could be in a condominium or look like an ordinary offline store.

 Minutes’ walk from the counter, you find several “love hotels.” A woman and you spend time there during a session.

 You have to pay a room charge.

 Hote-heru is banned from hanging out outside anything except for this symbol.

 If you see a door or entrance with the R18 symbol on and nothing else, it’s probably hote-heru.

 The symbol shows relation to adult business. Anyone under 18 isn’t allowed in. It also appears on websites which have naughty content.

 About love hotels, click here.


 Deri-heru is short for delivery herusu.

 It has no place to visit. It receives only telephone calls.

 It’s difficult to make itself known without websites or blogs. It gives even more importance to online strategy than the other two.

 I think it’s the closest to what you call escorts.

 As you might guess from the word “delivery,” after making a phone call, you just wait for a woman to arrive. You don’t have to travel around at all.

 You have to tell them your phone number, room number and address or the name of the hotel you’ve checked in.

 A staff member drives her to the designated room by car. Otherwise, she could take a taxi. So you also have to pay for transportation.

 After meeting you and getting money, she calls the front desk. That’s when the session begins. she sets a timer to be punctual. When the time is up, she calls again, and it’s done. She leaves by herself.

 The current law permits only deri-heru to newly go into practice without existing licenses. The number is on the increase in recent years.

 Deri-heru is the only type of sex clubs that can do business 24 hours a day. The others, including soapland and soft service, have to close at 24:00.

3. Soft service

soft Compared to soapland and herusu, it’s very limited.

 Instead, prices are much lower.

 Nearly all of the below have a location like hako-heru. They have a front desk and anteroom.


 Pin-saro is short for Pink Salon.

 Its service is about blow-job.

 There is a big room like a lounge. It’s divided by partitions or curtains. In one of the cubicles, you wait for a woman to show up.

 She cleans your penis quickly with towelette. Then she blow you off.

 Women basically don’t get naked but in some places get topless.

 In pin-saro, there is the jargon “hanabira kaiten,” or “petal rotation”. When you choose it, two or more women take turns to come to your cubicle one by one to give you blow-job in a given time.


 The word comes from “aesthetic.”

 Esute is more healing than sensual experience. Service centers around massage.

 Actions differ in each establishment. They could involve hand-job, blow-job, getting undressed and rubbing the naked body on you using oil. So you need to check each website carefully.


 It’s where you enjoy watching strippers dance on stage. You join with audience in a theater.

 It’s different from strip clubs in the U.S.

 A very few theaters remain. They still have a solid base audience.


 Tekoki means hand-job.

 Women don’t get undressed. You’re not allowed to touch them.

 They manually stimulate clients’ penis into ejaculation.

 Almost all of the tekoki clubs offer some paid options, such as boob groping, blow-job or foot-job.


 Seku-kyaba is a shortened version of “sexy kyabakura.”

 Kyabakura is just for a chat and drink. Seku-kyaba is more erotic.

 You get breast molestation there. Some places also offer lap dance.

 It’s also known as “oppai-pub.” Oppai means boobs.

 Unlike the above three, you get no ejaculation here. Some say that’s the great part, and others say it’s too tantalizing and even frustrating.


 It’s a place for masturbation.

 Women don’t even take off their clothes. You can’t touch them.

 Some guys want to be watched while they masturbate. Others feel groping the female body is pain in the ass.

 Ona-kura offers service to satisfy such people at lower price. Girls just watch them please themselves or tease them by mean words.

 …The above six are major ones.

 Many other kinds of sex-related clubs came and went.

 There were schoolgirl massage, peeping room, upskirt cafe, or pantyless restaurant.

 They had to vanish because incidents occurred, neighboring residents complained, bad news circulated around or the authorities suddenly began tough crackdowns.

 To meet various needs, Japan’s sex industry have been and will be busy, diverse and mesmerizing.

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