How Each Session Goes

 What’s going to happen specifically?

 Let me give you the overview of sessions, according to the classification of sex-related clubs.

 Please keep in mind that there could be some differences in each establishment.

Common Denominators
Soft Services

Common Denominators

denominator You’d like to check out women first, right?

 You can view their pictures on the Internet.

 There is a blur on the face to protect their privacy. By actually visiting a front desk, you can view pics without any blur.

 The pictures in sex establishments are almost certainly retouched using Photoshop. It would be safer to assume variances between the pics and the real faces and figures.

 Feel free to ask any questions to clerks.

 Who’s the most popular? Who’s available right now? Who caters to non-Japanese people? If you have someone in mind, how long is the wait?

 You can also tell them about your type or what kind of girls you’d like at the moment. They listen to you. They probably try to respond to your wishes.

 You don’t always have to choose. You can leave up to staff who to pick up. In that case, you don’t have to pay a nomination fee.

 Every establishment requires you to pay in advance.

 Before introducing women, staff explain to you briefly about thou shalt nots. Herusu clubs in particular emphasize that there is no penetration. You have to accept them.

 While you’re actually spending time with a fuzokujo, do what she says. Don’t make her feel uncomfortable.

 Don’t forget the absolute requirement: You must respect female sex workers in Japan. At the same time, if you make her feel happier, she will respond quickly by pleasing you more.

 When session time begins, before doing anything sexual, there are things you both have to do.

 You take a shower to clean the body, especially the groin area, wash the mouth and gargle the throat.

 That way, you get to enjoy fully and lower the risk of sexually transmitted disease.

 Fuzokujoes set a timer to be punctual. Or they make a clock easily visible.

 They tell you the session is about to end a while before the closing time, so that you make the most out of the remaining moments.

 I think you understand that women need to take a shower at the end.

 Don’t enjoy longer than the time of the session you selected. If you want to, you need to make extra payments.


soapsession Soaplands occupy a whole lofted building.

 You walk into the front desk on the 1st floor.

 A clerk shows you pics of the women at work. You choose one or leave the decision up to him.

 Staff ask you to wait at an anteroom. If she isn’t with another customer, you wait for five to ten minutes before she’s ready. They might give you a waiting number to prevent confusion.

 When everything’s set, they call you or the number. She could be standing in an elevator or behind a curtain. She escorts you to a private room, more than likely hand in hand or arm in arm.

 Private rooms of soaplands are fairly large. They have a normal section with a massage table as a bed, and a bathroom section with a tub and sunken floor. You may find a big mattress leaned against the wall.

 At first, you two sit on the bed and have a chat for a few minutes. Then, she undresses you and herself.

 She asks you to sit on a stool which looks like this:

 Its shape makes it easier to wash the crotch area.

 She gently washes your body using soap, encourages you to soak in the bathtub and hands you a toothbrush. While you’re brushing your teeth, she puts away the stool and others. She comes to take a bath together with you. Here, she gives you some sexual experience.

 A while later, she gets out and prepares a mattress and lubricant gel. One of the best part of soaplands, oily and slimy massage using the entire female body comes up.

 After the massage is done, you take a bath again to clean yourself up. She dries you with a towel and probably serves you a soft drink.

 You two spend the rest of the time in bed.

 The last five minutes or so is for washing and dressing yourselves. She comes down to the 1st floor to see you off. There is oftentimes an exit just for clients after the session.


hakoheru Everything about hako-heru opens and closes in one place.

 It consists of just one or a few floors.

 Starting by visiting a counter, what follows is very similar to soapland. So please go back a little to refer to the part from “You walk into …” to “… arm in arm.”

 Private rooms of hako-heru is quite small. They have a bed, shower room and a space of about two square meters.

 You two have a little chat. You take a shower together. You wipe each other. Then, you two go to bed for sexual action.

 Both of you take a shower again at the end. She sees you off at the same spot you met, and done.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hote-heru has only a front desk.

 When it comes to nominating a woman, everything’s the same with soapland and hako-heru.

 However, there are some variations in how to meet her.

1. You check into a hotel by yourself.

 Some establishments make a reservation before you arrive at a hotel. After checking in, you make a phone call to tell them the room number. Shortly afterwards, a fuzokujo knocks on the door.

2. You wait at an appointed place.

 You meet a woman at a randezvous point and check into a hotel with her.

 You don’t find her. She finds you. To make it easier for her to do so, clerks ask you for your cell-phone number or make a note of your characteristics.

3. At the front desk, you meet a woman just after she’s ready.

 She and you walk to a hotel to check in together.

 Immediately after she enters a room, she calls the desk. That’s when the session starts. Never skip showers at the beginning and end of it.

 When the time is up, she calls again, and done.


deriheru Deri-heru has no place to drop by.

 Orders and reservations are processed via phone. You need to have a mobile phone and to be able to tell them your number.

 You turn to the websites of deri-heru to choose women.

 You can view portal sites which handle fuzoku information, such as reputation of certain establishments or female workers.

 If you speak Japanese, you can consult the clerk on the other end of the line.

 After you nominate a woman and tell him who she is, he asks you for your name, cell-phone number and the number of the hotel room or the address of where you are. You don’t have to travel around at all. All you have to do is wait for her to arrive.

 Minutes before the woman arrives, she telephones you to see if you’re in the designated place.

 Just after she enters the room, you have to hand her the money. She makes a call to the staff. That’s the sign of the start.

 With showers at the beginning and end, you have a great time in a chosen private room.

 Here again, she makes another phone call when the time is up, and she leaves.

Soft Services

softsession All clubs have a front desk.

 There are no showers, because the service is limited and session time lasts shorter.

 As for how sessions go, it’s almost the same with hako-heru.

 You may find differences in details, but no problem happens if you follow what women and staff members ask you to do, and if you have a good sense.

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