Japanese Sex Establishments

General Knowledge

general There are about 20,000 of sex businesses throughout Japan.

 Some areas have higher concentrations, such as Nishikawaguchi in Saitama Prefecture or Kawasaki and Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture in the Kanto area.

 Tokyo has the highest density. It has roughly 2,000.

 You have to be 18 years old or older. That’s the only requirement as customers. It also applies to female sex workers. So you can’t meet girls younger than 18 in legitimate establishments.

 I would often hear about rip-offs until around 2007. I hear very few recently, partly because of the tougher law. The Entertainment Business Act has been getting stricter year after year. Plus, the Internet contributes to transparency.

Serious Business

business Anybody can apply for employment through job advertisements on the Web or weekly magazines.

 You rise faster in the sex business than in other industries. You can expect an early success to make a fortune, only if you pay reasonable price.

 People who run sex clubs take their occupation very seriously. Most wear ties and suits. There are job levels, and you get promoted when bosses determine that you deserve more.

 Many enterprises conduct a multi-store operation as a group: Cinderella, Rennai, Dandy, YES, Truth, or Hare-kei groups, … and countless others. I worked for a few of them, and I know several people involved in them. Company cultures differ, but what I write on this page applies to them all.

 Due to the long-term recession, sales are hitting the wall at most establishments. Everyone is desperate to boot sales figures.

 Staff members make serious efforts to achieve corporate success. There are always so much competitions. They keep on improving the whole service to attract customers.

Practically Every Club Has Websites

websites Roughly 95 percent of Japan’s sex establishments have at least one website.

 Access to Internet connections gives you information of almost all of the legal sex-related clubs in Japan.

 Some of soapland and Hako-heru, the oldest kinds with dozens of history, have no or poor websites. I guess they take pride in their own ways of doing things.

 Except for the two, I don’t think you should choose any totally offline establishments. They could be illegal.

 You can be 99 percent sure that deri-heru has a website. It’s very hard for it to make profit without going online.

Kinds of Information

priceand Websites of sex clubs inform you of the location, the concept, and the times they’re open. They also explain what service they offer, introduce the women enrolled and provide the schedule of their shifts or the price list based on the length of sessions.

 If they show figures on the price list, you won’t basically find yourself caught up in rip-offs.

 Keep in mind. The session price isn’t everything you have to pay.

 There is an admission fee if you’re a new customer. A nomination fee occurs when you choose a woman.

 You find lists of “options” probably next to the prices. They’re added value to sessions. The choice is yours. Typical examples include vibrators, bukkake, pissing, masturbation, sperm swallow, ass intercourse, and what not.

 Some soaplands take classic measures. They request a room charge at the front desk. After you meet a woman in a private room, you hand her a service charge. Or you pay both at the same time. Its going rate is about twice more than the room charge you’ve paid.

 Others show total prices on the list online. Looking through the websites will make it clear which measures are taken.

 You can view web pages of the profiles of the women registered. They show their age, height, measurements, remarks about them of the staff, or oftentimes message from the girl herself. They also contain pictures, but their faces are basically blurred.

 Female sex workers want to maintain a public persona. Staff members have to protect their reputation.

 When you have particular girls in mind, check out her schedule. You get to learn on what day and during what time they’re going to show up for service.

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