Sex Industry and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

 Tokyo will hold the 2020 Olympic Games. I think it’s a good news.

 But as for the sex business, I’m a bit worried.

 Big international events lead to tougher crackdowns, because the authorities want to hide sexual aspects from other countries.

 Japan already has a history of some cases.

 When the International Garden and Greenery Exposition took place in Osaka in 1990, all of the soaplands were cleared away from the city.

 The 2002 FIFA World Cup caused nationwide clampdowns.

 Police annihilated one of the biggest Japanese red-light districts in Yokohama in 2005, due to the 150-year anniversary of the Port of Yokohama.

 There is no doubt that Olympic Games are the world’s biggest event, which is going to be held in Tokyo, for the first time in 56 years.

 I have a hunch that unprecedented crackdowns might be just around the corner.

 I don’t think the sex business in Tokyo is going to disappear completely. You can’t eliminate it from human society. It will continue to exist.

 But we’re going to have to undergo a massive shift, I feel.

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