Sex Jobs as a Safety Net

 Can sex jobs be something to rely on in times of trouble?

 That might be true about 20 years ago, but that’s not the case today. The time has closed when women turn to adult jobs in need of money.

 Because just like porn stars, not every woman can work as a sex worker these days.

1 Around 30 years ago, it was very tough to hire porn actresses. Few women wanted to work like that. People say no one wanted to be even a candidate.

 On the contrary, you can meet too many of them today. It’s a complete buyer market. Clubs can choose who to take on. Unsurprisingly, they pick those who look beautiful and have a great figure.

 Only a small number can make a debut with a specific name. A bit more can work without a name. The rest is lucky if they get a job for small salary.

 Why? One of the biggest reasons would be their rising amount of exposure to various media. Some girls even declare that they want to be a JAV actress.

 The same situation is seen in the sex industry as well. The number of applications for job interviews has been growing, meaning that staff can pick up only the beautiful, and more dropouts.

 Here come discount clubs, where the dropouts find their way. Such places have been increasing in number amid the recession, although most of them are ugly or fat. They meet the demand for low price.

 If women successfully pass job interviews there, how much can they earn? Judging from many sources, it’s no higher than the average salary of ordinary office workers. It’s nothing to rely on when in trouble. Rather, working part-time might be more stable.

 Along with them, upscale clubs have been increasing, too. As a whole, I see polarized tendency in Japan’s sex industry. I kind of think a divide between the rich and the poor applies here. Also, I feel a bit sorry for women, because how they look have a lot of influence on how much they can earn here.

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