Sex Workers and Unstable Jobs Like Models or Performers

 What’s the advantage of working as a female sex worker?

 There are a lot, and they vary by individual.

 One of the best advantages is flexibility.

 You can choose when to work: on what day of the week or from and to what time. You can take a long leave whenever you want to. You don’t get fired after taking too many days off.

 Precisely, it’s not completely flexible. Female workers need to be hired by sex establishments. In terms of management, staff have some reasons to control attendance.

 Sex clubs have to keep a certain number of female workers every business day. “Being in operation” means women are there right at the moment.

 The attendance is similar to merchandise display at retailers. If a customer visits a store and there are no goods to sell, it doesn’t work as a business. It’s a huge opportunity loss.

 Always having women ready is the most basic of the sex business. staff supervise them to keep a selected number of them at work intentionally.

 You can’t leave everything up to them.

 For example, a common pay day in Japan occurs on the 25th of the month. Many companies give a salary on the day. That means targeted customers of the sex business are most likely to spend quite a sum for a few days after the evening of the 25th.

 Female workers know that. So they tend to schedule their attendance for the 25 to the 28. It’s no wonder, because they want to make as much money as possible.

 From a different perspective, they tend not to work a few days before the 25th.

 Staff adhere to the most basic here by persuading them to come to work on days when few women are scheduled.

 Women know they can earn money because sex clubs hired them and allow them to show up. So they do some favor. Also, it depends on how much they trust each other, or how well staff can control merchandise.

girl Due to the reason above, it’s not completely flexible. Still, of all kinds of jobs, there’s no doubt that working as female sex workers has the greatest flexibility.

 On top of that, they can earn in one day about one third of the average salary for youngsters. Though it’s controversial, it’s extremely hard to find more convenient jobs in any other fields.

 The convenience goes well with the inconvenience of other jobs.

 For example, fashion models.

 It doesn’t surprise me any more if I meet a struggling fashion model at sex establishments. Working as models are catching on in Japan recently. Ex-model TV celebrities are on the increase. Most of them were just another girls on the street. The number of applicants have soared, resulting in a lot of the jobless.

 Career as models is unsteady. No offer, no money. It’s not unusual for them to get into the sex workforce.

 One that I know was a photographer.

 She had enjoyed photography as a pastime for a long time. One of her friends asked her to take pictures of a wedding, which led her to start a career as a bridal photographer. Weddings don’t happen so often. Also because of June bride or something, her job is unstable.

 Another was a dancer.

 She was born and raised in the same area as me. She got into dancing in her early teens, and was a bit famous in the neighborhood. After graduating high school, she moved to Tokyo to enter a dance college. Just after finishing it, she naturally cannot get many job offers.

 She told me, “No dancers are rich,” and “Only money or connection causes quick success.” Either of them she didn’t have. She had to live on her own. There were few choices.

 Rumor has it more celebrities are involved in the sex business than people imagine.

 It’s easy to imagine there are connections between the sex industry and the show business. Showbiz and full-time jobs don’t go together.

 Most entertainers with lower popularity have to live poor and work precariously. On the other hand, if they’re in a TV business, they have a value to push forward.

 Some exclusive sex clubs don’t show pictures of the women they have. Instead, they post pictures with a sentence which reads, “We can’t show her face because she’s famous on TV.” The price is several times higher.

 I won’t mention her name here. a famous Japanese idol is rumored to have been a soapland masseuse. She starred in tons of TV commercials. Many photo collections of her has been published.

 Months ago, a question spread out as to why a not-so-popular model who had a long career lived in great style for years. People said she worked as a lover for money or in the sex industry.

 My co-worker told me that she had a session with a busty girl in a sex club in Shinjuku Ward, who later became well-known and often appeared on TV shows. He said, “I was shocked when I found her.”

 Both the show and sex businesses use femininity. They’re compatible with each other in terms of things other than flexibility.

 Whether it’s good or bad and right or wrong, the sex business firmly supports women with precarious jobs. That’s another fact of life.

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