Suspension Bridge Effect, About Six Years Ago

 Suspension bridge effect is a phenomenon where you tend to have a crush on somebody whom you meet while you’re feeling anxious or scared. It was named so after Canadian psychologists did experiences literally using suspension bridges in 1974.

 A guy stands in the middle of a bridge, as it’s shaken. A girl stands at one side of it so he can see her. And then he gets a strong feeling similar to love. Maybe his brains misunderstand the reaction of his own body.

 I guess a character in famous movie “Speed” said something like this: romance born from such an unusual situation doesn’t last long.

 I myself have experienced one, which the previous post reminded me of.

 It was about six years ago, in March in 2011, when the Great East Japan Earthquake took place. I worked for a sex establishment, and was just doing a photo session at the time.

 Photographs in sex clubs are all about women, nothing else. They don’t wear clothes, except for underwear, and you can say they’re almost naked.

 The club rented a whole room in a condominium just for photo shooting on the 8th floor. It had tons of costumes and equipment. You and a subject become alone together in there during a session.

 The workplace had a policy: every single staff can handle all kinds of jobs, from serving customers, managing female workers, calculating sales, to shooting pics. However, there was no special training except for the basics. It was like “learn by doing.”

 I was in charge of shooting back then. I found it interesting to make pics as appealing as possible to draw male stares. Good ones definitely increase phone rings.

 At that moment, I was with a woman in her early thirties with a slender body and cute butt in the room. We had taken some pics, and I asked her to change underwear. And then, the room began to waver. The earthquake started here. The epicenter was hundreds of kilometers away, but it was such a big one the shake came all the way to a prefecture we were in.

 Japanese high buildings are designed to accept a certain degree of wavering to effectively let go of the power. Otherwise, they break down easily. At least that’s the way it is in this quake-prone country. The higher, the harder they swing.

 Just after it started, we stopped shooting and was just standing there to see how it would turn out. The Japanese people don’t care a lot about quakes. We all think they will stop soon. So we waited quietly.

 As time advanced, it became stronger and stronger. She came closer to me little by little, and hugged me eventually. Staff have to protect female workers. I tapped her on her back, saying “It’s alright.”

 As we were embracing each other in the room rocking hard like hell, my mind was changing. I found myself thinking of marrying her almost seriously. I wanted to push her down on the floor right there.

 I’m not sure how long we were doing so. It might have been just a dozen seconds. The room got quieter and quieter. All of a sudden, I realized how silly I was. “What was I thinking?” I couldn’t believe I was serious about a woman who was far from my type.

 A friend of mine told me that my male instinct temporarily broke the surface under an unusual situation, which is to create offspring. It’s all because of the shake I’d never experienced, not because of love.

 I think it was a suspension bridge effect.

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