Taboo In Training Sessions

 Training sessions in the sex industry are very often talked about.

 They’ve been popular in porn movie industry in Japan. It’s no wonder people without inside experience tend to have various ideas. Training is described as different from the reality.

 A typical description is as follows.

 As a session goes on, a coach stops teaching and begins to satisfy his own desire. A trainee has to follow what he tells her to, because that’s what she’s there for. He’s superior, and she’s inferior. To put it strongly, the power structure may appeals to men’s mind.

 When it comes to factual sessions, they’re utterly businesslike. Both sides have no room for seeking pleasure. Some cases even look Spartan. A few women told me that they couldn’t stop shedding tears because of the intensity.

 Education has a direct impact on future sales. Staff must exclude their lust. If a trainee does a poor job in the future, a coach has to take responsibility.

 Also, there are things that teachers have to do and that should not do.

1 At soaplands, women teach in most cases. Based on the stories I’ve heard, every women learned from female trainers except just one case, in which she told me “he was absolutely disgusting.”

 Soap service requires special technique. It’s difficult to acquire the skill all by yourself. It’s common that ex-workers give live lessons.

 Such sessions should look like a lesbian sex at some moments. Some trainers even do finger fucking.

 Several women told me, “It’s was extremely pleasing!”

 At esute or erotic massage shops, women teach as well. Its service also needs a lot of technique. Like soaplands, women teach here, too.

 At herusu recently, most clubs does only verbal education.

 In summary, herusu is sex without penetration. Nothing’s special compared to ordinary sex. Words suffice in most cases.

 Female staff has been rising in number these days. Many of them are ex-workers. It’s common that they teach the younger.

 Unlike soaplands and massage, when it comes to live lessons, men educate women in herusu. As mentioned above, it requires no special skill, and women have limitations to understanding men’s minds.

 Here’s a taboo here. Male teachers must not cum.

 Why not?

 The reason is that women get a feeling of superiority by making men ejaculate. From the perspective of management, female workers are commodity. Staff need to control them and shouldn’t be looked down on by them.

 There are a lot of times when staff have to educate female workers. They even have to reprimand them sometimes. Such effort works less efficiently if they say, “Hey, you are made to cum by me, remember? Who do you think you are?” Men are kind of at a loss for words.

 It might sound weird, but that’s the inside reality.

 Living training sessions in herusu may seem pleasing from the outside. However, it actually is not that pleasurable.

 Things are not the same at tekoki and pin-saro.

 Tekoki is about hand-job, and pin-saro about blow-job. The core of the service requires ejaculation. They have to lead every single customer to cum.

 You can’t teach anything without the male genitalia. Male staff always teach.

 Ordinary guys might envy of a post where one can get blow-job as part of career. I’ve talked with two ex-trainers. Both of them told me, “It was really tough.”

 The reason is that they are forced to cum every time. They have to.

 Men are not sexually aroused all the time. Lust fluctuates each moment. Aging could cause reduced libido. Even if you’re not in the mood, or if a trainee is not your type, you are obligated to cum, because you need to teach her the core of the service. …What do you think?

 A co-worker of mine told me he couldn’t do without sexual energizer before training sessions. He also begged his boss to take his place, but he was always turned down.

 I don’t know of other countries. As far as I know, training sessions in the sex industry is not as fun as many people seem to believe.

 Training doesn’t aim to please teachers. It’s intended to improve service for customers.

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