Taking the Place of Masturbation Clubs

 Many clubs specializing in masturbation were seen in Japan’s sex industry until several years ago, where a woman watch you masturbate, you watch her do, or you show each other. Such places have been almost gone now. People say one of the reasons is a kind of amusement facilities: manga cafes.

 Tons of groups have been expanding the business in urban areas in particular. The shops offer rooms, private ones in most cases, by the hour. Lower fee could bring a large public one. Each room has a PC with the Internet connection and a DVD or blue-ray player by default. You could choose a chair with reclining or massage functions, or a bed.

netcafe1 They always house the latest versions of magazines, mangas or DVDs, all of which are free until the time is up. Even beverages, too, sometimes.

 They have spread throughout the whole society, and are called “mankitsu” endearingly. Most of the branches provide not only bathrooms but also shower rooms. Some even advocate they consider hotels as competitors.

 I used a mankitsu about three weeks ago in order to read all the published issues of a manga piece called “Attack on Titan,” which is also popular as an animation. Maybe it might ring a bell to you. It took me roughly 7 hours to finish them. I think it was a good choice, since I didn’t have to buy them myself. It’s an easy and handy way to read new books or watch new movies.

 Also, most of such private rooms are virtually designed for masturbation.

 For example, the place I visited for the first time on the day when I last used a mankitsu didn’t carry manga at all. Instead, it had tons of DVDs and a few of magazines. Moreover, more than 90 percent of them were pornography. The genres were classified clearly and new releases were displayed so they catch more attention.

 I asked the staff for explanation on how to use it. After paying money, you are given a free sex sleeve, or a tool that mimics the female genitalia and are allowed to select up to 10 DVDs. You can return them and rent different ones as many times as you like during the paid time. Each private room has boxes of tissue paper and a vending machine which sells toys like vibrators for men. The corridor and bathroom also have similar machines with different erotic merchandise, including TENGA, which is a device to help male masturbation, one of the greatest hits in Japan’s sex toy history.

 Actually, when I was reading “Attack on Titans,” I often heard dudes next door watching porn movies. The walls didn’t block out all the noises.

 It was nothing but a place to encourage men to take care of themselves secretively. It seemed pretty popular. A lot of men came and went even while I was listening to the staff member.

 Living women take money and efforts. Countless numbers of adult DVDs and masturbation might be better in some ways. At least plenty of Japanese men began to choose the latter.

 There must be various reasons, such as the long-term recession, the advancement in technology or the trend of the times.

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