Targeting Celebs

 High visibility sacrifices privacy. In Japan, it’s called fame tax.

 People have sex drive whether they’re well-knonw or not. Men want to have sexual fun as they like. Still, famous guys have to watch their social appearance. Being caught enjoying sexual pleasure causes no positive image, losing a lot fans.

 Suppressing libido could lead to a disaster. If high-profile figures can enjoy sexual pleasure as much as they like without caring about public appearance, that would be a big demand.

 Japan’s sex industry lives up to the needs. Some of my co-workers told me about it.

1 Upscale soaplands are the most typical. They educate staff to keep secrets, since their clients include professional sports players, TV personalities, or prominent lawyers and writers.

 One of my colleagues told me, after saying, “Never give this away,” that a baseball player came to his soapland one day before his bridal. Later, he transferred to the major league. I won’t reveal his name here.

 S and M clubs surprisingly have a lot of celeb customers. Showbiz people can continue their works because they’re different from the average. Maybe many of them are also different in a sexual way. I often hear and read that upscale SM female workers serve clients who “they want to reveal but can never.”

 As far as I know, there was a sex establishment targeting only celebrities. It didn’t do business every day, and reservations are required. It hired women only after a through background check, and implanted secrecy in them, in order to get monthly contracts with entertainment companies. I don’t know if it still exists.

 I’ll write more when I get new information.

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