The First Step in Development

 This website is divided into two sections, blog and info. I’ve completed the info section three days ago.

 Looking back, it was in August last year when I decided to start it.

 When I worked as a front clerk, I met with many clients from overseas. Some of them spoke Japanese fluently.

 Nearly all of them asked me first, “do you accept non-Japanese?” They told me that if fluent in Japanese, a lot of sex establishments had declined to serve them only because they were foreigners.

 I have no prejudice against the sex business. When people from overseas want a local service in my country, no matter what it is, we should serve them confidently. I believe not a small number of people have the same opinion as mine.

 The current sex business in Japan has been around for decades. The internet has become widespread for over ten years.

 I took it for granted that there were websites seriously covering Japan’s sex industry in the English world. “They’re here looking to have fun. There must be tons of information available in English.”

 One day, I idly searched the Internet in English for the information.

 I was surprised. I found few pages, most of which have little information. At least, it seemed to me that there were no websites created and operated by a native insider.

 That was alright with me.

 What frustrated me was that several pages put across wrong facts and details.

 That motivated me. I said to myself, “I can do it,” by making use of my capabilities.

 With a combination of my insider experience, Internet affinity, and poor English skill, I thought I could create a website that conveys only the actual facts.

 As I was working through, another idea occurred to me.

 You already found the Yes or No question. As a matter of fact, it’s the first step in a development phase. I’m going to wait until it collects 50 results.

 I hope to launch a guide or mediation service for people from overseas, if it makes business sense.

 I think it’s a happy thing to work the way you are. And when it contributes to the happiness of other people, it’s much better. What’s you opinion?

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