The Latest Case of Soaplands

 Yoshiwara is the mecca of soaplands in Tokyo. It’s one of the most famous and popular red-light districts in Japan and specializes in them.

 As for soaplands, please check this.

 One of the upscale ones there, “Latin Quarter,” was busted last week. It had decades of history and a stable popularity.

latin Also, it was among the most foreigner-friendly establishments. I used to serve as a guide in Tokyo’s sex industry. I introduced it to my clients and took them there many times. It satisfied them each time.

 Only about a month has passed since the crackdown. The website is gone already.

 Why was it busted? To come right to the point, it’s not clear. There is no official statements.

 I think that as I wrote, the authorities might be beginning taking actions in view of the Tokyo Olympics. Plus, residents in Yoshiwara are not happy about the naughty places. The police know it, but it’s not that simple to crack them down, because of various reasons including backstage deals. The sudden raid could also aim to show the public that they do what they do, and to display a threatening attitude toward the other clubs for now.

 I can’t be sure, except that it’s an unprecedented case, in that Latin Quarter was doing business just as usual.

 What’s happening right now is, the female workers who worked there went to different places looking for jobs, like other soaplands or other kinds such as deriheru. Women working in the sex business for a long time cannot quit easily. 

 A huge demand still exists for the industry. It’ll be there at least for the next few decades in Japan.

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