The Result of Long Sessions

 How much time does sexual action take?

 The majority of Japanese men ejaculate early. At least that’s what most female sex workers told me. At a moderate estimate, half of men here can’t last longer than five minutes. JAV actors last long because they’re forced to as a job. It’s impossible for laymen.

 In light of that, sex workers with some experience try not to make customers cum too early. If they do, they end up having difficulty dealing with the rest of time. They’re obligated to stay with clients for a paid length of time. What if they finish in 20 minutes, despite the fact that they have 60 minutes?

1 Conversely, too much patience could lead to the failure of erection or ejaculation. That’s especially true of middle-aged men. Female workers say, “most of them are unaware of their own potency.”

 Some customers, perhaps one out of 40 to 50, choose long sessions over 2 hours.

 The longer, the more money. That itself is a good thing. However, it’s not so as a profession. Judging from what I heard, I feel too long sessions should be avoided even by men.

 The primary reason is that men are not as potent as they believe they are.

 Most men who choose sessions longer than 3 hours think, “I need to get the most out of it.” They get fired up too much. They finish about twice in one hour. They get too tired to do anything. For the remaining two hours, they just talk or lie in bed together.

 That is another way to enjoy. You cannot even meet female sex workers without money. Just spending time with them may be the best luxury.

 However, the biggest aim should be sexual action. If you’d like to enjoy to the full, I don’t recommend sessions longer than 2 hours, from what various female workers told me.

 It depends on each individual, at the end of the day.

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