The Top Factors for Popularity

 What does it take for female workers to become popular in the sex business?

 Appearance. You can’t ignore the essential factor.

 How women look is important. Men in general put external beauty before everything when falling in love. They definitely leave the ugly behind.

 No matter what they say, males like good-looking females. Few of them hate those with the beautiful face and great figure.

 There are other reasons for women who don’t appear attractive but become famous. If they’re beautiful, they don’t have to make lots of effort.

 Women themselves know. That’s because they make up or dress up to look more fascinating.

 Based on years of experience in the sex business, I think a certain extent of beautiful appearance is necessary to gain popularity as a female worker.

 But one doesn’t have to be outstanding. They can attract tons of clients without an extremely cute face or fashion-model figure.

 Visual appeal counts only at the early phase. After meeting over two times, other factors begin to emerge.

 It’s even possible that external beauty gets in the way.

1 I remember clearly what a boss told me. He said, “No super-beautiful girls get super-success.”

 Looking back, what he said just puzzled me. I didn’t know how things work in the industry very well. Now I know he was totally correct.

 Beautiful women tend to have a bad personality. That’s maybe because they get attention from men without doing anything. They are bad at caring other people in many cases. They take it for granted that men care about them.

 Those with not-very-good appearance are different. They take care of other people’s feelings in general, at least better than the beautiful.

 Which are chosen in the long run? It depends. When it comes to the sex business, most men choose women who have appeals other than good looks.

 Here’s an example.

 She had such big boobs, almost as large as her head. Most busty girls are chubby, but she had a slender waist. I’d never met anybody with a bombshell figure like hers.

 She was not tall or short as a Japanese. She was not extremely beautiful, but you could say she was really cute.

 She had good manners and used proper languages.

 All the staff members said, “She’s good!” or “She’ll be in the top list very soon.”

 Once she made a debut, things didn’t turn out that good. The club conducted questionnaires after sessions. She scored no higher than 80 out of 100 points, around 65 on average.

 The second example.

 She looked normal. You could say so when she had makeup on. Her unpainted face was on the ugly side.

 Still, she always ranked as the second or third most popular girl every month.

 She had a cheerful disposition. She was fun to be around. She healed men’s minds.

 She would often say, “I feel comfortable healing the minds of my clients.”

 She exchanged e-mail addresses with her repeat customers. That’s hard to continue. Not many girls can e-mail dozens of people hundreds of times a day, day in and day out.

 She was happy to do that.

 Another example.

 She always ranked as the top in terms of the number of regular customers. No other women could drag her down.

 She had a beautiful face and great figure, but that’s not enough reason for getting wanted so much.

 After one or two months, it dawned on me why she enjoyed such popularity.

 She did love sexual stuff. She was into sex.

 The club I worked for then fell into “herusu,” where penetration was prohibited, which means there’s no putting the dick into the pussy. She did the forbidden action behind closed doors with at least three guys a day.

 In her private life, she had many men just to get laid with. Even when she was tired from work at home, she went out to have sex with a man who she hadn’t met for a long time, and she was late for work the next day. She used to go out drinking to end up shaking in bed with guys she hadn’t known.

 She said one day, “I want to stick to this job until I die if my parents don’t care.”

 People become the best at what they like the most.

 I’ve come to the conclusion that there are three factors for popularity of female sex workers: talent, effort and prurience.

 Talent brings success without doing anything. I know the number is not that large, but that there are some natural-born sex workers.

 Making right efforts definitely causes popularity. The problem is, too few women do it in the right direction.

 Those in love with sexual stuff to the extent that they can’t live without it will absolutely become popular. When women themselves enjoy, guys will know. That’s one of the most important things.

 The above is my personal opinion only on female sex workers. It doesn’t necessarily apply to other types of women.

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