There are No Escorts for Japanese Men

 It seems escort service is very popular overseas.

 I have never used it.

 You make a phone call or send an e-mail to make a reservation. You wait for a while, and a call girl arrives. You hand her money. And then you get to have sex with her.

 Is that right?

 I found websites of escorts in Japan. It’s easy to find them by search engines. Though not so many, there are more than I imagined.

 They are written in English to target non-Japanese men.

 I’d like you to memorize one thing, the most basic knowledge.

 There are NO escorts for Japanese.

 For one, escorts are illegal. The Anti-Prostitution Law is in effect here.

 (The law defines sex as penetration, or putting the dick into the pussy.)

 Some escorts in Japan have lasted years. That’s because their servers are outside the country, Japanese are bad at other languages, and police are not serious about them.

 It’s important, so let me tell you again.

 There are NO escorts for Japanese.

 When you find websites of sex establishments written in Japanese, it’s something different.

 If you’d like to know what it is, check out the “Sex Clubs” link on the top menu.

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