Three Sessions in a Row

 Have you ever got laid with three different women in a row?

 This is my personal experience. I was browsing through websites of Japan’s sex establishments in a casual manner, and the word “triple course” caught my eye. It means you can enjoy three consecutive 90-minute sessions, and you can also choose each women. It was pretty expensive, naturally.

1 Such courses are rarely seen in the industry. Men who can ejaculate many times within hours fall under a minority in the first place. The too high price is not in much demand.

 The place was a “herusu” club, meaning you cannot do penetration. However, the area where it was located was special. You can enjoy full sex there at the rate of 100 percent.

 In other words, the “triple course” allows you to insert the penis into three different pussies in four and a half hours. It sounds pretty interesting to men, I think. I’d had years of experience in the business, but I had never heard of it.

 I’m not an absolute stud. I’m just another guy. I guessed I wouldn’t be able to cum in each session, and that I would do twice, maybe in the first and the third sessions. Still, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it once in a lifetime. It was my day off, so I decided to telephone the club.

 By the way, another characteristic of the area was no credibility of measurements and profile pictures. You can narrowly believe the height and the bigger bust size. If you choose a beautiful-looking woman, she could be ugly. If you choose one with a slender figure, she could have a fat belly. Therefore, I relied on the two factors, and on luck as for others.

 After several rings, a man answered, whose voice sounded like he was in his fifties. He asked me who I would choose. I told him my first choice was the No.1 there, who had most repeat customers, because she was showing up for work then. The second was the tallest one there. She was as tall as I am. The third was the one with the biggest boobs there. I had never experienced such huge tits.

 I checked in a love hotel he introduced me, and make another call to tell him the room number. He said the first woman was not available suddenly, and he recommended the newest one there. I said yes, and in five minutes, she knocked the door.

 She told me she had been working there for less than a week. She looked modestly good. Talking with her for a while made me feel she had a good personality, and I thought she might not bad. But she had a normal figure or body. Not good, and not bad.

 We walked into the shower room, and she washed my whole body. We took a jacuzzi bath together. I kissed her using my tongue, and she reacted with a sexy voice. After getting into the bed and doing commonly known things, I was lying flat on my back. She straddled on me, told me “Are you ready?” and let me in without a rubber.

 I was astonished. I always use condoms. I’m scared of STD. Plus, without them, I tend to cum early, so I think they make me last and enjoy longer. Also, most female sex workers ask to use them. It was my first time to get raw penetration automatically.

 I was at a loss for words, as she began to move her hip. I thought, “She’s new, so she’s had sex with just a few men so far. Maybe it’s okay.” I let it be.

 As expected, I got off earlier than usual. There were about 15 minutes left. We had a chat. She said many things about the club and everything, even though I didn’t ask her anything.

 The second woman was as tall as me, for real. Her face was the average. Not beautiful, not ugly. I had no confidence in cumming then, but after groping each other playfully in the bathtub, I began to get an erection.

 I realized in the bed that sixty-nine is easy to do when the woman is as tall as you. I didn’t know that, because I’d done it only with women shorter than me.

 I figured out that I could not cum this time, so I concentrated on finger-fucking. And then, she started to touch her own clits to masturbate. I didn’t get off, but she told me she did.

 The third woman had extremely big boobs, so I guessed she would be really obese. She was slimmer than I imagined, within my acceptable range. More than anything else, she was so cheerful. I felt she made lots of efforts to entertain me, and at the same time she tried to enjoy herself. She looked fairly beautiful.

 Anyway, her boobs amazed me. The well-shaped tits felt very good, and the nipples wasn’t looking down at the ground. I buried my entire face between the boobies. Thanks to her, I was able to cum for the second time in the day.

 I had full sex with three different women in four and a half hours. It’s not a big deal, but a valuable experience, I think.

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