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 I searched the Internet with the words “Tokyo escorts.” I’ll write down what I thought.

 First, I found a website distributing information of escorts.

 I’m an insider of Japan’s sex industry. I know more of it than most Japanese. I don’t know, however, much about service called escorts.

 Escorts don’t necessarily mean prostitution. It also means companions who men take to events like parties. Such women are called call girls.

 As an extension of the behavior, you get sex. Hence, escorts represent full sex. After a man and a woman meet in person, it’s all up to them.

 I’m sorry if I’m wrong.

 I think the ambiguity is also common in Japan.

 I searched further, and I learned some more about escort agencies.

 Not a small number of them are operated by just one, or independently.

 As far as I know, a Japanese woman runs a sexual delivery service by herself. She’s also a porn star. She sells her motion pieces on her website, which also promotes her own sex establishment. She’s the only worker available there. She looked very professional.

 Over 99 percent of Japanese female workers work at sex clubs, not by themselves.

 I also found out that many of the telephone numbers of escorts are mobile. It should have to do with its delicate situation in terms of legitimacy.

 It’s quite difficult to operate business like escorts legally in Japan. Cyber police have been keeping closer and closer check on what happens on the Internet.

 Escorts use servers abroad. Japanese laws may not apply to them, meaning they’re legal and at the same time they’re not illegal, either. Also, the sites are written in English.

 I think the police are pretending not to know.

 The first thing that puzzled me was the pictures of call girls. They show the face and nude body. As expected, they don’t show the vagina. At any rate, it’s so daring of them.

 I guess most of them are false. It’s easy to tell with Google image search.

 Local people will instantly realize that pictures of Japanese celebrities are boldly used in pictures of call girls.

 Rumors always circulate that showbiz figures engage in prostitution for big money behind the scenes. But I’ve never heard of them doing so at escorts for non-Japanese customers. If they do, I myself will definitely choose them to have fun.

 For example, look at this. It’s a pic from a website of an escort agency.


 It’s a trimmed one of a Japanese porn star, Aki Matsumoto.


 Here’s another one from another agency.


 She’s Chisato Morishita, a TV celeb.


 This blurred pic is …


 … a bikini model called Youko Matsugane.


 That’s it for now. There are countless other examples. It’s easy to find out by conducting image search.

 Not all but most of the pictures of Japanese escort women are false.

 Likewise, those of non-Japanese escorts should be stolen from other porn websites.

 The atmosphere of the pics seems too professional.

 Plus, it’s impossible that agencies can collect so many women with gorgeous features and figure. Over the half of women don’t look good. I’ve been involved in the business where recruiting beautiful women is one of the most important jobs.

 Japanese sex shops also lie. For example, they retouch profile images. The degree varies. It’s safe to assume most pictures of female workers are photoshopped.

 Still, they don’t use pictures of totally different people.

 Lies are lies. Maybe it’s not a matter of the extent.

 Another thing that came to my mind is that escorts cost more. The going rate looks 30,000 yen per hour. It’s higher than that of Japanese sex establishments.

 Because of economic depression, discount clubs are on the increase in Japan. The average rate these days are around 20,000 per hour.

 It’s alright if escorts provide as much value as their price system.

 I’m personally with higher prices. It’s a common knowledge in any industries that customers who pay less cause more troubles. Money gives people leeway.

 I was surprised that about 80 percent of the cases of female workers being endangered had been caused by men who chose the cheapest and shortest session.

 One other thing that worries me is, web portals promoting escort agencies carried information of two Japanese sex establishments.

 Escorts are almost equal to full sex, am I correct?

 The two I found don’t offer it. One falls under herusu. The other Esute.

 Herusu prohibits penetration, which is to put the penis into the vagina. Esute isn’t sexual action in the first place. It’s a massage where men leave everything up to women.

 I don’t think such limited services are not very well-known globally. It must be hard to explain. Over 99% of Japanese don’t speak other languages.

 But they put advertisements on escort sites, which attract men who seek full sex. That worries me a little.

 Most clients should be gentlemen. Maybe there’s no need to be worried.

 All the shops are desperate to attract customers. They would use any chance to do so.

 Pay per click advertisements don’t accept adult categories. Porn-related sites have fewer chances to promote themselves.

 In that way, I understand they place ads even on escort portals.

 Surfing through a lot of escort websites, I thought it might be interesting to try them. Japanese sex clubs are not everything. It’s always a good thing to have a larger view.

 Who answers a phone call? What she or he says? How different women are from the online pics? How good the service is?

 I’m beginning to feel like actually trying it in the near future. When I have done, I’ll write a report.

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