Training Sessions in the Sex Business

 I believe the sex business is an ultimate hospitality practice.

 Prostitution is said to be one of the oldest occupations. It’s been always around throughout the history of human beings. It’s been impossible to eradicate it completely despite countless crackdowns.

 Physical contact creates communication beyond the use of words.

 Men tend to think of only ejaculation. It’s the culmination of sexual action. Women experience more. During sexual sessions, they feel and process a lot more changes.

 The sex business has nothing to do with titles, pride or academic and professional backgrounds. You can depend on the body and humanity alone.

 I think it’s ultimately simple as an occupation in some ways.

 All of the sex establishments I’ve been involved in aimed to satisfy customers by offering quality service.

 The customer comes first. Staff have to make them feel what they offer is well worth the price they paid. They need to make them come back.

 If they continue to come back, good word-of-mouth information spreads out, leading to more new customers.

 On the contrary, what if female sex workers increased who just show and let clients touch their body, and who are just interested in a day’s wage?

 Regulars won’t rise in number. It’s most costly to attract new customers. When bad news circulate around, sales will diminish.

 There are tons of rivals. During the lengthy economic depression, many sex clubs in Japan are desperate to boost sales figures.

kokusyuu Improvement in service is essential. It’s obvious, but not a few sex establishments still neglect it. Such ones get out of business quick and easy.

 Female sex workers don’t sell their body.

 They sell service.

 They need training to improve it.

 How do staff educate them specifically? They do so verbally or physically. “Physical education” means giving training sessions. In many cases, both of those who teach and are taught expose the sensitive parts.

 Training sessions in the sex business have always come with dubious rumors. In fact, many pornography companies publish movies under the theme of sexual training of female workers.

 Some guys outside the sex industry seem to think it must be fun to do erotic things as a job.

 A variety of sex establishments exist. So do concepts. Specialty clubs are on the increase. Many of them use special systems.

 It’s difficult to describe training sessions as a whole. Here, I’ll write about what happened at places I worked for and what I heard from co-workers.

  Many sex clubs do only verbal education.

 Is it really possible to teach sex workers what to do and what not to do by words? Sessions happen behind closed doors. How do you know they offer good or bad service?

 Staff try to collect as many voices of clients as possible.

 Many websites has a page of questionnaire. They ask viewers to answer it voluntarily. Answering it gives respondents something beneficial in return, such as discount tickets.

 Also, if not outcall clubs, they can directly ask customers after sessions about how they went.

 Based on the opinions, it’s possible to educate female workers verbally. Few of them are willing to undergo physical training sessions in the first place.

 One of my co-workers used to work for a pinsaro club.

 Pinsaro offers blow job. He was in charge of newcomers there.

 Amateur girls in general are bad at blow job, particularly in their teens. There are no school that teaches how to perform it well.

 Customers pay lots of money. Staff have to satisfy them. They can never leave bad service alone. The best way to teach how to do it well is by using the penis of one’s own. Specifically, he got female trainees to suck his penis.

 He told me, “It was tough.” The hardest part was that he had to cum every time.

 Pinsaro women basically need to blow off every single customer. Training cannot rule out the basic.

 ”I asked my boss to take it over many times, but he wouldn’t,” he complained. His boss didn’t like it, either.

At herusu establishments, the manager takes charge of training sessions in many cases.

 Some clubs obligate every newcomer to undergo physical education, and others only those who want it or who don’t get regulars. A big group forced women who don’t return more than a certain number of clients in three months to do it.

 A trainer and trainee simulate what happens during sessions just the way they go. Hoteheru starts at a rendezvous or love hotel. Hakoheru at a waiting room.

 He teaches taking a shower at the beginning and how to use each tools, including a mouthwash, antiseptic and lubricant lotion. In bed, he teaches how to kiss, lick or suck to please men. It’s like a sex school without penetration.

 Such sessions affect the satisfaction level of customers. Popularity of sex workers depends not only on talent and appearance but also on technique and knowledge.

 However, like pinsaro, most of my bosses told me, “It’s more of a pain than anything.” One also told me, “It’s heavily weakened my erection.”

 On the other hand, a boss did full sex at every physical education. No one could argue with him because he was the top of the group. As a result, most female workers there provided everything to customers. I still am not sure if it was a good thing or not.

 I spoke with many ex-masseuses of soaplands.

 Former or active soap ladies train newcomers at soaplands, because they have to learn “mat play” or special massage.

 I’ve heard that a man teaches at a bathhouse in Fukuoka Prefecture. It’s the only exception that I know of.

 A mature lady told me, “I don’t think men can teach it properly.” The massage requires technique. There are some things you can’t do unless you have the female body.

 The sessions might be one on one or one to a few.

 On top of the massage, trainers perform finger-fucking and so on to teach trainees how to react. It would look like they’re having lesbian sex.

 By the way, an ex-masseuse told me, “Her foreplay was incredibly pleasing.”

 I met and talked with several sex workers who were also porn actresses. One of them said, “There’s no sexual appeal on the set. It’s not fun when you do it as a job. Professional actresses have to look like they’re enjoying it.”

 Maybe the same goes with the training sessions in the sex business.

 They’re necessary, but not always fun for everybody.

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