Trends In New Establishments

 Compared to five years ago, there is a distinct difference in today’s sex industry in Japan.

 More than half of newly launched sex establishments fall under three categories: mature, esute, or discount ones.

 I think the main factors would include a declining birth rate and a growing proportion of elderly people. Economic recession and youthification might facilitate the trend as well.

 Mature ladies have become a big fashion in Japan. Porn actresses even in their early twenties play roles such as sexually frustrated housewives.

 A survey found that over 30 percent of new pieces of porn movies in Japan were themed on housewives or mature women. That’s a drastic increase compared to just a dozen of years ago.

 The price at sex clubs specializing older women is cheaper than younger ones. It seems men find more value in young females than in older ones. The government say the economy is picking up, but laymen don’t feel at all that their lives are getting better. Lower price itself is a good reason to choose.

 It’s short for the word “aesthetic” in Japanese. Its service focuses relaxation rather than erotic desire.

 What they offer varies. At some clubs, women don’t get undressed, do massage on the whole body including the sensitive parts, and give hand-job just before sessions end. At another, women get topless along the way. There are also places where women get naked at the beginning and use their entire body to rub customers.

 In most cases, they won’t allow men to touch their body, and at the same time, men don’t have to do anything. Anyway, the key element is relaxation, not sexual action.

That’s less stressful for female workers. Its price is lower. It’s a good choice in an economic downturn.

 Men become less potent as they get older. They ejaculate less as well. Still, they want relaxation no matter how old they get. It’s an important factor in Japan where the whole population is rapidly aging.

 As a matter of fact, the esute industry has been catching on like never before.

・Discount clubs

 Japan has been in a long-term recession. It could be natural for discount places to increase in number. Still, the recent upward trend of them seems abnormal to me.

 I find one of them quite interesting.

 cheaper price means lower quality in general. As for sex establishments, it leads to lower quality of women. Customers assume so.

 About ten years ago, a discount sex club launched. Its advertisement says “the lowest quality of women in Japan” and “Congratulations! You will be a lot more thankful to your wife or girlfriend.” It’s still been in business today with two branches. I think they’re prospering at least to some extent, because it’s quite difficult to keep on operating over five years in Japan’s sex industry.

 Getting back, in my opinion, the price at discount clubs corresponds to half of the average price eight years ago, when I began working in this industry. I sometimes wonder female workers can accept the reality, or the low salary.

 From a different point of view, women who want to work at sex establishments have been on the increase. That means staff have more options, and women have fewer ones. Female workers can’t help conceding lower money in general.

 Economic depression has had a major impact here as well, I think.

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