Trump and Yakuza

 The news that Donald Trump won the presidential election surprised Japan as well. Most of the public and the intellectual world expected that Ms.Clinton would have won with a probability of 70 to 80%.

 Major media have already put across the opinions of the majority. Let me write about a different aspect.

 Japanese gangsters are called “yakuza.” It seems the word is familiar in the English world. They operate behind many industries including the sex one.

 They do their business not only in Japan but also overseas. People say they’re affiliated with organized crime groups in other countries. They import drugs, get arms not available here or engage in money laundering out there. They’re violent groups, so it seems difficult for them to turn to public agencies abroad.

 The rumor has been going out that in the wake of the presidential election, some yakuza groups are planning to withdraw from the U.S., because of Mr. Trump’s remarks about immigrants.

 Months ago, there were news reports when the Philippino president intensified crackdowns on drug, that lots of the local Japanese yakuza actually went out of the country. They should have realized quitting was better than being killed, even for them.

 Arrest results in prison life. You cannot compare that in Japan with that in the U.S. Some Japanese people who served jail time there are becoming famous here, and they tell stories astonishing to us. Prisoners in Japan are a lot happier. Yakuza members don’t want to get caught there.

 Plus, estimates show that Japanese gangsters have assets of 4 trillion yen overseas, and not a small proportion of it is in America. President Trump’s crackdowns might take the big money away. At least that’s what the yakuza are concerned about.

 A presidential election overseas has an impact on the local gangsters here. It’s such a global world.

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