TV Celebrities in Adult Clubs

 A typical folklore has been around in Japan’s sex industry. One or some of sex establishments have TV celebrities many people know of.

 In Japan, there’s a kind of showbiz job called “gravure idols.” They don’t get naked, but wear bathing suits and so on to show off their body to sell photo books or DVDs. Popular ones often appear on TV. 1

 About one month ago, one of them called Sugihara exposed on a late-night TV program that she had heard of an outcall sex club which offers gravure girls in exchange for 2,000,000 yen for one night. It doesn’t attract clients by advertisement. It’s introduced only to the rich who can keep secrets.

 The job of gravure idols is precarious. They might not have gigs every day. If they don’t, they have no salary.

 All they have to do is do other jobs at the same time. But that doesn’t work as you expect. Few full time occupations allow sudden days off many times.

 Not all idol-wannabes can make it. Rather, the majority of them can’t. Even if they can, no one can be sure of how long they can last. Jobs based on popularity are relentless.

 They sometime become a theme of documentaries on TV. Fashion models and gravure idols who are not popular end up living a poor life.

 I think it’s very possible that they choose to work for an exclusive sex establishment like the above. I’ve met tons of fashion models or dancers at clubs I worked for.

 As a matter of fact, there was a news report a few years on a place like that. It was cracked down on by the police, and was reported to have had gravure idols and ex-idols who had often used to appear on TV. It cost 1,500,000 yen for 5 hours, and gained popularity among a handful of rich guys.

 I’m just another man who has no connection with high society. I still haven’t had an opportunity to reach such places. If I could, I’d hope to try it out at least once in my lifetime.

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