View Of Women

 What do women mean to you?

 Pain in the ass? Outlet for lust? Someone to love or respect? Experience of a lifetime?

 Different people think in different ways.

 In Japan, it’s often said that working in the sex business makes one rethink perspective of women. I think it’s almost certainly true.

 I haven’t heard of men whose view of women changed positively after getting into the sex industry. That doesn’t necessary mean it became negative. They just learned to have a more objective standpoint.

 For better or worse, you cannot help facing true colors of the feminine gender once you get inside.

 I feel the male gender in general has too much illusion about the opposite sex. It can’t be helped. Usually, they have few chances to learn.

 There are almost no opportunities to know what they talk about when men are not around or what they think about when they’re having sex.

 That’s the case with me, too. Until entering the sex business, I had thought women are the best being in the world.

 Now? I don’t consider them as such a big thing. Fantasies have gone away. It’s a natural change caused by real-life experience.

 What are women, then?

298794 Personally and at a word, they are demons.

 They make men the happiest, and at the same time, they have other aspects.

 Each of them are different. As a whole, however, they don’t care about ethics. They betray others so easily for their own pleasure.

 Most sex establishments have a ready room, or space for female workers to spend time while they are not meeting customers. Some have cubicles divided by partitions. Others are one big room where they hand around together.

 Of course, one or two staff members are stationed there. Merchandise management, or taking care of female workers, is a big task, like just listening to them.

 The staff have a lot of opportunities to learn behind-the-scene stories which customers have no idea of.

 Female sex workers behave exquisitely while they’re with customers. They dress up, talk with smiles and react to their caress.

 They know they have to make them comfortable and pleased. That’s the most important part of their job. That’s what they do in exchange for money. Staff must educate them to do so.

 Once they return to a ready room, they give away their true feelings. They blab what they think during a session they’ve just had, such as how weird clients are or the size of their penises.

 In my humble opinion, it’s very likely that your girlfriend tells her friends about your body parts and what kind of sex you do.

 In your experience, whether it be fictions or real-life stories, aren’t they mostly women who speak or complain about sexual matters in relationship?

 Men are different. They don’t usually talk about the shape of the boobs or cunt to their friends.

 I don’t consider it as good or bad. That’s the way women are. The female gender is an entirely different creature.

 Anyway, if you use a sexual service, it’s very possible that more than one woman know about you.

 That’s the case in particular with customers who leave poor impression, like bad breath, body odor, heavy sweat and obesity.

 The biggest complaint is pain. I think all the men should pay more attention to the fact that they put partners through pain in the sensitive parts in many cases.

 It’s unusual to do sexual things with many people one has just met in one day in the first place.

 If you’re a man, imagine.

 You must lick the genitalia of a fat, ugly and 55-year-old woman to get her off. You can’t deny, because she paid money. You are obligated to please her. It’s impossible to choose customers. They choose you. You have to serve three or four customers a day.

 At least, I cannot do it.

 There actually was a soapland targeting female clients in 2007. It was not in Tokyo but in Fukuoka prefecture, in the southern part of Japan. It made a little headline, because such places had never existed.

 It lasted just months. Now, it has closed.

 A lot of rumors have circulated around. One that’s most often heard is that no male staff stayed long. Some even became impotent.

 Men can’t enjoy sexual stuff with women they hate. That’s the way they are.

 On the other hand, women can. They might not enjoy but can continue to offer sexual service to men they don’t even like.

 Plus, I found a significant difference between male and female managers of sex establishments.

 I know only three cases. Female executives are on the selfish side. They often treat workers they like too well, or they easily put customers on a black list.

 What I want to speak out is this. If you work in the sex business, you will learn to keep deeply in mind that female workers betray you frequently. More than half of promises are definitely broken.

 Again, women and men are totally different creatures.

 Personally, I no longer have marriage fantasies. Before getting inside, I was thinking I should get married and start a family someday in the near future. Today, I’m not going to do it.

 You die alone anyway. Marriage is too much of a trouble. That’s what I believe now.

 Women are demons, who give men the best pleasure in life. The best pleasure, I believe.

 Of course, I don’t think what I think is the best or only opinion. Everyone is different.

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