Virgin Sex Workers

 These days, virgin female sex workers are on the increase in Japan.

 Virgin women provide sexual service? It might sound strange. It’s possible because there are a variety of types of sex establishments in Japan which don’t offer full sex.

 Pinsaro specializes in blow-job. Onakura is for masturbation. You can drink and enjoy breast molestation at sekukyaba. Esute is about erotic massage. Tekoki offers hand-job, and Herusu does sex without penetration.

 Some news reports say young men have been losing sexual interests. You could say flesh-and-blood women take efforts. You have to please them with conversation and others. They could demand you give them presents. They could cause fights.

1 In this tech world, it’s pretty easy to find means to kill time. Tons of free games are available on smartphones. So are free porn movies. I think it’s natural for some men to choose to stay away from women and enjoy alone without using money and making efforts.

 In fact, many surveys find that a virginity rate of young men and women have been rising. I think it’s safe to say that virgin female sex workers are increasing as well, except for soaplands where full sex is always available.

 I read this article some weeks ago.

 A girl worked part-time for college fee. She lived a hard life. She applied for a job, which she came across on the Internet by accident. It turned out to be a pinsaro club.

 She had never seen men, and of course, the male genitalia, either. The club was very busy, so she had to start working without a training session. When she laid eyes on the penis for the first time in her life, she thought, “I must do it!” She didn’t remember what happened next.

 She’s one of the most popular girls today, and remain virgin. She has a boyfriend. She feels they will become more intimate soon. She’s worried that she might make him wonder why she’s so good at blow-job.

 As for me, I knew two virgin female workers who worked at herusu establishments, where only penetration is forbidden.

 As a matter of fact, more than half of herusu workers do full sex. Still, they stuck to their virginity, because they decided to give it to their marriage partner in the future.

 As a result, they ended up giving it to customers, due to forced penetration. That is the reality.

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