What I Heard About An Exclusive Soapland

 It was when I’d just begun working at a sex establishment.

 It fell into “hakoheru,” where everything starts and ends in one place, with a reception, anteroom and several private rooms.

 There was this guy who was there a few months earlier than me. He was over forty years old, tall and stout.

 He looked a little scary. But Once he talked, people get to like him. He joked a lot.

 He had a nine-year experience in the sex business. He had worked at another hakoheru for years in Osaka Prefecture, hundreds of kilometers in the southwest of Tokyo. After quitting there, he worked for a short period of time at an exclusive soapland.

 He told me, “the eight months I spent at the soapland was a lot more valuable than the eight years at the hakoheru.” It stands out in my memory.

d4b18ff4-s The upscale bathhouse offered just one course. It lasted 110 minutes and cost 63,000 yen in total. Customers had to pay as much as more than 60,000 yen for less then two hours of pleasure.

 I don’t think there are many kinds of amusement that are more expensive.

 On the administration side, staff must continue to give clients a high level of satisfaction, which is the key to the success of the service industry.

 He told me that he had to be as careful of his language as clerks at fancy hotels. He also had to have great manners and behavior. Bowing was not enough, and he had to kneel.

 After a session is over, a female worker and a staff member worked together to clean and set the relatively large room for a next session. If a customer was already waiting, they had to finish within 5 minutes. She was given another five minutes to make up.

 Amenities, towels or bathrobes shouldn’t be out of place or off direction, not even just one centimeter. They were not allowed to leave just a single drop of water in the bathroom section.

 The management of female workers also surprised me.

 The exclusive soapland provided regular customers with internal ejaculation. Masseuses needed to stay on pills.

 Improper prescription causes skin problems or other physiological abnormalities. To prevent them, the place signed up with an experienced obstetrician, who gave female workers pills specially customized for each and one of them.

 As a result, they could put menstrual periods under complete control. It’s very often at ordinary sex establishments that women take sudden days off because of menstruation, which is also one of the justifications women turn to when they want to stay away from work without good reason. With the customized pills, it became impossible to pull them.

 The manager conducted every single interview. He obligated every woman to set a goal of how much money they want.

 He also told them: “I and my staff members will do our best to help you achieve the goal. I guarantee you. If you don’t like something, tell us. Don’t hesitate to point out our faults or mistakes.”

 ”Instead, work hard. If you don’t, you can’t make it.”

 ”After successfully saving enough money, quit. If you wish to stay, I will recommend you to leave.”

 Back then, I had just entered the sex business. I admit I still had underestimated it.

 His story had a big impact on me.

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