What Job Information Sites Do to Attract Applicants

 One of the most important tasks in doing business is to continue to secure commodities. That’s true of any areas.

 That’s the case with Japan’s sex industry, too.

 It might sound cynical. Women are merchandise there. They vanish easily and quickly. Even if they don’t, they’re always hard to deal with.

 I mean no harm, but you could say they’re almost like consumables in a business sense.

 The industry does a variety of things to keep on securing the commodities. In running sex establishments, recruiting female workers is one of the essential things to do, probably the most important.

 For that, most sex clubs use job information websites, which attract potential female workers instead of them. The most famous sites include “Ichigo Navi” and “Vanilla.”

 Here are the URLs.

 As you see, they haven’t used masculine illustrations. The appearances are intended to impress young girls.

 It’s obvious that the whole designs have enormous appeal for women. All is because they need to attract as many of them as possible.

 Female workers have to do sexual work. Bringing it to the forefront drive them away without questions. So the sites try to give them a clean image.

 They emphasize only good points instead. The one and the same sales copy represents good money.

 That’s definitely the case. Compared to other jobs, female sex workers earn a lot more money, although they need more effort.

 The job sites try to gain more access by improving content or increasing their search engine rankings, or SEO.

 On top of that, they do other things to get female attention.

 What might be old-fashioned but always works is signboards at busy spots. Such signs are placed particularly at districts filled with young girls.


 You can find them in shopping malls or venues popular among women.

 If anything, I think women like money better than men do. Men tend to concentrate on earning money, and women using.

 The sound of high income must have an enormous attractiveness for women in general.

 Most of the signboards I’ve seen have been there for years and years. That means they’ve continued to work.

 Another way is “free papers.” I’m not sure if they exist overseas.

 You can get them at stations or convenience stores for free.


 It might be free but usually has a big volume with well over 100 pages.

 Its content provides information of neighborhood bars, diners or events. Of course, a huge piece of them is about classified ads by sex establishments.

 The second most information is on “hosts.” I’ve written some about them in another posts of my blog. Refer to it if you’re interested.

 The sponsors wanting to attract female workers hire publishers to create such free magazines. A variety of the magazines circulate around Tokyo everyday.

 It might sound strange. Passing out free tissues is also effective.

 When you walk around busy spots in urban cities, particularly around stations, you often find people handing out small sizes of tissue paper.

 As with the aforementioned, they aim to catch attention. On the back of the tissues, there’s a space to put ads.


 You shouldn’t underestimate their results. I hear they always have certain amounts of effect.

 In densely populated areas, you sometimes see sound trucks.

 They just travel around stations while playing loud music, in order to catch attention. Check out the following movie.

 It repeats “Ichigo navi,” the name of the website, again and again, so that people who saw it easily remember and look it up by search engines.

 Virtually each and every person has at least one mobile phone these days. Not all do in rural areas, but almost everyone does in urban regions.

 The weird trucks catch attention of girls on the streets, who might immediately search the Internet for what they are about.

 Those are how job info sites in Japan attract potential female workers in the sex business.

 What do you think? Do you think it’s bald?

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