Why Web Portals in English About Japan’s Sex Establishments Look Unsuccessful?

 There are some websites in English that cover Japan’s sex establishments.

 Apparently, they haven’t gained steam. It’s been several years since I first found them, but many of the ad spaces are still empty. The number of clubs on them doesn’t seem to be growing fast.

 Plus, from my own perspective, websites run by a single establishment are seen here and there. Each of them looks different. In fact, they’re the same one.

 There is a recent trend where a single club operates several websites with a variety of names and phone numbers, in order to raise the possibility of attracting customers. You have more entrances, and you can tackle SEO with more keywords.

 It particularly applies to small deriheru clubs. Big companies tend to put money and energy into just one website.

 Such clubs have various names but have the same sex workers. Women don’t look the same in different pictures.

 For example, I found these in a web poral.


 All of the domains have the word “deli.” They have the same operating hours. The number of women doesn’t differ a lot.

 It’s possible that the five are run by a single establishment.

 Web portals want to convey a busy atmosphere. Little content can lead to unbusy one. To avoid it, the portal could accept the five ad spaces for an advertising rate of one. It’s a mere guess.

1 Why English portal sites about Japan’s sex establishments don’t look busy?

 I think men abroad want to have fun in Japan’s sex business. That’s the case for tourists. They’re far away from home and all the troubles in the workplace or of human relations. I speculate not a small number of foreigners want to enjoy local nightlife service, particularly those who travel alone. They might have a lot of free time at night.

 A government survey shows Tokyo had a total of 5,500,000 tourists in 2012. Of which, about 60 percent were men. It’s 3,300,000. 25 percent were from English-speaking countries. It’s about 820,000. Divided by 365, it’s around 2,200. Also, 67 percent traveled alone, resulting in around 1,500.

 Japan’s number of visitors from overseas keeps on increasing.

 More than 1,500 foreign men strolls around the Tokyo area every day by themselves. Other than them, Tokyo has hundreds of thousands of non-Japanese residents.

 There must be demand for information in English about Japan’s sex clubs.

 On the other hand, the existing English web portals don’t appear so popular. I guess one of the reasons is they’re slightly off the point.

 They just do the same thing in English with what portals in Japanese do. Translation. That’s it.

 The portals are based on the following assumptions:

 By themselves, viewers can read and gather information on the Internet, make phone calls to ask questions and to make reservations, find and visit the venues or designated places easily, and be served smoothly every time.

 None of them applies to most non-Japanese customers.

 Without language proficiency, it’s difficult to get the information you need on the Internet. Because almost all the Japanese speak no other languages, there are few chances of making yourself understood in English by phone. Just traveling from station to station might be a tough work in a country far away from home. It would be embarrassing to ask where a sex club is on the street. Also, most clubs don’t welcome foreign customers.

 I think that before creating websites introducing sex establishments, you need to deal with the obstacles above.

 The sex business has been around for dozens of years. It’s been roughly twenty years since the Internet started to become widely used. For such a long time, there had been no sites exploring the goal seriously.

 It’s strange to me. It has a high entry barrier, maybe.

 I thought I could go for it.

 I have only lukewarm skills. I have a certain amount of experience as an insider, but I’ve never managed an establishment. I have some affinity for the Internet, but there are countless others with stronger ability. I know my English is poor, in particular, conversation skill.

 However, I thought few people can combine the three: experience in the sex industry, Internet affinity, and the English language. It might be interesting to go ahead with the goal.

 I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out down the line. For now, I’ve decided to continue.

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