Working As Staff

 What should one do to work as staff in Japan’s sex industry?

 I’ll write down some conditions, what applicants have to take no matter what they think or want.

 First of all, most staff have to work long hours.

 Somehow, it’s common for male workers to stay at the workplace for 12 hours a day. It’s over half of a whole day. Even if they don’t have anything to do, they’re forced to do so. If they have, they need to stay longer.

 Unexpected gigs could lead to 13 or 14 hours. A club required 13 hours each day. Staff of another told me they had to work an average of 16 hours a day. I couldn’t believe it.

 Personally, I absolutely can’t understand. Still, it’s a standard. You can’t help following it.

 Labor productivity of Japanese is low, majorly because of long working hours, I guess. Many people assume that they have to stay at the workplace longer than the closing time, and that if not, others see them as lazy.

 I’ve been living away from the average perspectives. I always want to take an objective point of view. I felt something’s wrong all the time when I worked as staff in the sex industry.

 Employees should be punctual. They must arrive on time. If so, basically, they also should go home in time. Taking too much time means inability or low performance in a way.

 Sex clubs which requires 8 hours a day have been found in recent years, but they’re badly outnumbered.

 Next, workplace romance is a taboo.

 It’s allowed in other industries. It’s not in sex clubs, because commodities are women, which exist for customers.

 Please imagine a retail shop of any kind like a convenience store nearby.

 A clerk is standing at the cashier. He thinks “I’m bored and hungry,” “nobody cares,” or “It’s not a big deal.” And he sneaks some food. What do you think?

 I don’t know much about laws, but I guess it could amount to theft or something.

 Even if it couldn’t legally, it matters a lot in terms of vocational ethics.

 Many men don’t understand the basic rule. It’s a fact that some make a pass at female workers.

 Such outrageous staff are fired or fined sooner or later, or they quit voluntarily. Otherwise, they get no promotion. That’s the way they should be treated.

 In addition, treating women nicely is a must. It doesn’t necessarily mean ladies first. Rather, you should be good at make them do what you want.

 They are articles of commerce. I believe they’re the most difficult ones to handle in the world.

 You often encounter absurd and thoughtless women. It’s not unusual in the sex business or any other area. You can’t look down on sex workers. Women are difficult to understand for men in the first place.

 The more you’re serious about sales figures, the more disappointed you will get by them.

 you need to take as much control of self-centered species who have no guilty conscience about betraying staff as possible. It’s not easy.

1 Not everything is bad. There are some good aspects, too.

 The best part would be a quick promotion.

 I myself have heard about two cases where only about six months lead to the post of the shop manager. Both of them earned over one million yen a month suddenly. That’s nearly impossible in other industry.

 Plus, you need no background or qualification to be hired. You don’t even need school education.

 In the sex industry, motivation counts the most. Ambitious mind prevails over ability.

 To get interviews, the Internet is the easiest way. There are some job sites for men specializing in sex clubs, whose websites almost certainly have classified ads, too. All you have to do is just make a phone call.

 If you’re fluent in Japanese, I believe there’s a great possibility that foreigners can be hired. It particularly applies to those who are willing to accept non-Japanese customers.

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