Working Environment These days

 I remember writing a post about male staff’s working environment in Japan’s sex industry. It’s been just a year, and it dawned on me that things have been changing clearly.

 The environment has been changing for the better.

 Cases vary with each club or group, but just browsing online job ads makes me realize the differences.

 For example, two days off per week. It was impossible about 8 years ago when I got into the business. If it existed, it was every other week. Today, however, multiple sex establishments gather male staff with complete two days off every single week.

1 The next is benefit packages such as social assurance. There were no such things when I was a newbie. Few sex clubs provide none today.

 Also, it was no secret that profiles of female sex workers were filled with lies. Recently, many places have started to do business honestly without lying at all. It was the case with the one I worked at for the last time. I heard similar stories from my acquaintances.

 Others include long vacations, company retreats, financial incentives, and no overtime work. They were unusual years ago, but are becoming common now.

 The male staff have been working more comfortably than ever before. Th environment in Japan’s sex industry has been gradually and definitely proceeding in the right direction. I think it’s good news.

 I guess the Japanese people began changing in many senses in 2011, when the Great East Japan Earthquake. No matter how hard you work, no matter how much money you earn, and no matter how many times you lie, thousands of lives including you could be lost at any time in minutes. We faced the fact in the terrible natural disaster. The whole Japan could not help experiencing it real-time through the Internet.

 You could say that we encountered kind of a mental paradigm shift. I’m not smart enough to explain specifically what it is about, but it’s one of the reasons for the current good trend in the sex industry, I think.

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