Youth and Quality of Service

 Most men want younger women.

 In Japan, more and more people have been putting off marriage until later in life. We hear news about marriage agencies more often than before. One of the common topics is unpopularity of females over 30 years old.

 Tons of matchmaking parties are held everywhere in Tokyo. Men and women with a tag which has their name and age on the chest meet for the first time in a room and are given chances to get to know each other. Women in their 30’s or older end up being alone in many cases. Some men don’t even talk to them, despite the fact that they themselves are standing alone.

 Younger girls might have more physical appeals. It would be natural for men to choose women with the juicy body rather than the saggy tits and expanded waistline.

 The above is about marriage. What about sexual service?

1 In my opinion, it would be better to avoid teens or those in their early twenties, unless you’re only interested in them. The reason is, they’re mentally immature.

 They have less social experience. They don’t know much about what manners are. They are prone to lack professionalism. Some even think they can earn money easily by doing things which are kind of fun. They could put themselves before clients’ satisfaction.

 You could say it’s just a sex business. Still, it’s a service provided in exchange for a fair amount of money. The staff are obligated to satisfy customers. In fact, they complain when they’re discontented.

 There are countless numbers of rivals. It’s a serious problem if female workers have little professionalism.

 Women at the age of over 25 begin to learn what the actual business is like.

 Sex establishments specializing in mature ladies, which are on the increase these days, require a lot less efforts in education, simply because they’re adults. They show up on time, take few sudden days off, and have a common sense that earning money takes something to give.

 Such clubs have been rising in number partly because the demand have been increasing as well. The initial main reason was inexpensiveness, due to the current economic recession. As time goes by, I think the Japanese men have been beginning to realize the quality of service provided by mature ladies.

 Not every mature woman are great. Some can’t dealt with in any way. Conversely, not all of young girls suck. You get to meet few, and some are really beautiful and have a great personality, too.

 Although it depends on luck at the end of the day, I’d recommend women over 25 years old.

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